[Toy Review] Makai Kado – Giru

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[Toy Review] S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade- Garren King Form (Hobby Japan Limited)

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[Toy Review] S.I.C. vol.38 Kikaider 01 & Double Machine

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[Toy Review] S.I.C. vol.11 Side Machine and Kikaider

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New haul April 2016

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It was like 5 years ago when I got the S.I.C. volume 38 (whitebox below) and from that day on that I had it I told myself will keep it mint-in-box until I get my hands on the volume 11 (box above) but that time I was also into other figures under this line and it’s spin offs not to mention I started collecting other action figures from different toy lines.. It took me a while before I decided to start hunting for this S.I.C. Volume 11 and now that I have them both its time to free them in their packaging and start taking photos of ’em.. And if time permits may do a review of them tough there may have been quite a few that had been done but will just do it for the reason that I want to.. 

**the storm trooper is just a size comparison on how huge the box is 🤓

[Makai Senki]

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Simple fix

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Been wanting to fix this figure for ages, the peg on its ankles broke off due to quality control issue. Now that I’m in the mood to fix it I had to go with the simpliest way that I can think off…


Had to go with any screw that I can find at home that would fit the peg hole of the figure’s ankle..


And now its fixed! It would be temporary tough for I may replace the screw with a darker one so it would somehow blend in to the figure’s color scheme..



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