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[Toy Review] Equip & Prop vol.8 Dan and Goruba

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So finally I was able to get hold of this figure that seems the Makai-Kado line has Continue reading

[Marvel Legends] Ghost Rider (Rhino-Build-A-Figure Wave)

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For years I have gripes on how this character was treated not until last week when I was luckily enough to see this figure being sold loose (the owner just took the BAF Rhino).

This is one hell of a figure despite the base body is a re-used from Starlord (Pre-movie costume version) and AIM soldier.

A nice touch on the jaw too where they added a hinge so that the figure can open and close its mouth that adds a good feature to the figure… If you haven’t gotten yours yet.. what are you waiting for?

ml-gr-locust (1)

ml-gr-locust (2)

ml-gr-locust (5)

ml-gr-locust (6)

ml-gr-locust (4)

ml-gr-locust (3)

[Toy Review] Tamashii Web Exclusive – Light Awakening Beast Garo

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lightawakeningbeastgaro_bylocust3 This is my take on the recent Tamashii Web Exclusive release by Tamashii Nation-Bandai, this figure has been on my hot list ever since I Continue reading

[Toy Review] S.I.C. Limited Kamen Rider Leangle Jack Form

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Here is my take on a figure that was recently released by Bandai a few months back. This is a well improved figure under the notorious S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade line which Continue reading

[Toy Review] S.I.C. Toei Hero Net Limited Masked Rider G3-Mild

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Here is my review of Bandai’s Toe Hero Net Limited Figure Masked Rider G3 Mild.

In my perspective, knowing how the armor swap works not only for this figure but including those from volumes of S.I.C. Den O, Kabuto, Kuuga (Decade ver) and  Decade only proves that Bandai can pull this kind of concept without sacrificing the materials being used. And I am referring to how consistently solid the based bodies are still even without those chogokin stuff with a well balanced articulation points compared with what we are having nowadays that all sculpt and articulation but the materials feels…. errr.. cheap?

Yes, this release and the volume 39 G3/G4X set may still have chances to have loose knees and other joints that you may need a tamashii stand/figure stand but hey, this ‘maybe’ a work in progress back then and this concept ‘may’ have started and revolutionized the double hinge joints that we are now seeing with the current releases.

I find this figure along with what they did to volume 38-39 an evolution, rising from the graves of the…. whatever stuff they did and put on the Hibiki, Faiz, Blade, Ryuki line that had gave us great grievance on our bleeding wallet with their market value nowadays at the same time broke our hearts with their fragile parts and joints.

Not entirelyyyyyyyyyyyy disappointed with their current lines starting from W and what has followed with a multi changer scheme, for whatever reasons Bandai have done with what we have right now, might as well go with the flow. Afterall, I really love the S.I.C. line and it’s spin offs and whatever Bandai may throw at us… I’d just deal with it.

Just my two cents….. as a S.I.C. collector.



[Toy Review] S.I.C. vol 39 Masked Rider G3/G4

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I honestly wanted to keep this review as short as I can but focusing more on the details and tackling on all the possible FAQ’s that I can think off made this review a two part youtube video.

My apologies for that but anyway, please check this review out.






[Toy Review] Tamashii Exclusives Makai Kado Baron, Lord and Bado

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makaikadoreviewbylocust1 Check out my review on Makai Kado figures Thunder Knight Bado, Storm Knight Baron and Flash Knight Lord. These awesome figures are all Tamashii Exclusives brought Continue reading

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