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Bat-Ram’s Bench

Been looking for a good bench for a while now that would fit my mini-me and since I cant find one that fits my liking this is what I got. I still think it could have been better if I go with a wooden popsicles sticks or even apply some paints on this one instead. Anyway here’s what I worked on and may do better the next time. 🤓

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S.I.C. Shin Kamen Rider – [Modification]


[TOY REVIEW] S.I.C. volume 19 – Masked Rider ΑGITΩ

Here is another figure review for a action figure released dated back in 2003, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thanks!







ストー フォー


フレイ フォー


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Cloth Cape ver. 1.1

If you have seen my recent review on Another RX then you may have notice I showed a noob custom made cape, and for this one I am recreating a new cloth made scarf for this S.I.C. Riderman figure. The above image is something I made way back in 2015 and the below images is the step by step process in making a modified version. (more…)

[Toy Review] S.I.C. Another RX – Limited Version

Here is my take on Bandai’s S.I.C. Limited Version Another RX figure, please subscribe to my youtube channel!

[Toy Review] S.I.C. vol.56 Masked Rider Kuuga (Decade Ver.)