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[Toy Review] Shogeki Kado Hikaribito Gou



[Toy Review] Tamashii Exclusives Makai Kado Baron, Lord and Bado

makaikadoreviewbylocust1 Check out my review on Makai Kado figures Thunder Knight Bado, Storm Knight Baron and Flash Knight Lord. These awesome figures are all Tamashii Exclusives brought (more…)

[Toy Review] S.I.C. Tamashii Exclusive Shin Kamen Rider & Cyborg Soldier lvl. 3

I have been doing some toy reviews via Youtube lately so I wasn’t able to update anything from this blog, anyway here is my take on these two releases that I got sometime last November and December.

Check out my Youtube Review below… and also if you can subscribe please?? LOL



[ Gallery ] Golden Knight Garo Winged Form

I guess I won’t be doing a review of my latest haul afterall since I’ve been feeling sick for the past few days, anyhow I took a few photos last Oct 05 of my Tamashii Exclusive S.I.C. Ultimate Soul – Garo Golden Knight Winged Form. Hope you like it..



[ Haul ] S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Garo Wing Knight

Finally got my hands on this Tamashii Exclusive S.I.C Ultimate Soul – Garo Golden Knight Winged Form. Review and photos will be done anytime this week because I’m feeling a bit tired from work. 😉