[Toy Review] DC Collectibles: DC Films Armored Batman



Batman v Superman | Dawn of Justice Trailer

Has anyone seen the Batman vs Superman trailer yet? Oh man! I am really stoked that I had to watched it a couple of times though it wasn’t as “fancy” as the Avengers Age of Ultron’s trailerssssss but maybe only a DC comics fan would understand how I feel about it.

I had to get this geekasm out of my system so I did this quick toyphotography session with my

DC collectables New 52 Batman and Superman action figures.

batsVsupesbylocust1    batsVsupesbylocust2 batsVsupesbylocust3 batsVsupesbylocust4 batsVsupesbylocust5


Toy Shoot 09-22-2013

I found a used car-cellphone-holder at our place and thought of using it as a “semi-tripod” for my phone when taking photos of my action figures..


The stand is very adjustable just need to tweak the knods and has a strong grip on my phone. It balance well, so after checking its compatability with my phone of course I had to do some test shot using this thing…


And as expected it help me a lot– made things a little easier for me when doing toy-shoots of my action figures..


And here are the results, hope you like it.. 🙂