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Blog Update 09/25/2016

I realized I wasn’t able to post new stuff here since I have been busy with life for many moons now but still pretty much consistent posting stuff on my Instagram account.. looking forward to do some new action figures really soon but for now here are most stuff I took photos of recently..

Equip and Prop Kiba (with Locust’s Wing modification)

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New haul April 2016

It was like 5 years ago when I got the S.I.C. volume 38 (whitebox below) and from that day on that I had it I told myself will keep it mint-in-box until I get my hands on the volume 11 (box above) but that time I was also into other figures under this line and it’s spin offs not to mention I started collecting other action figures from different toy lines.. It took me a while before I decided to start hunting for this S.I.C. Volume 11 and now that I have them both its time to free them in their packaging and start taking photos of ’em.. And if time permits may do a review of them tough there may have been quite a few that had been done but will just do it for the reason that I want to.. 

**the storm trooper is just a size comparison on how huge the box is 🤓