S.I.C. Kamen Rider

December Hauls and Loots

It was a wallet reapin’ December for me..  But it was all worth it knowing that I already have all of my wishlist for this month.. also, special thanks to some of my friends advanced Christmas/Birthday gifts.

Happy Holidays!

A gift from a "balikbayan" Canadian friend a.k.a Adbenturero. 🙂

S.I.C. volume 20 - Kamen Rider Agito extra body frame, gift from a friend.

Loot from the 6th ToyCon held last Sunday, December 18th of 2011 at Megamall.




S.I.C. Collections Part 1

Here are some photos that I took since last week on my latest loot ( S.I.C. vol 60 – Skyrider ) and the rest of my S.I.C. Showa Riders collection.

Can’t wait to get Super-1 and ZX soon!! 🙂


*you may just click the images to enlarge view.