[Marvel Legends] The Red Team

Did took this photo two years ago using the Mc farlane Spiderman and face-off Daredevil figure from toybiz and a Deadpool custom figure. I did this shot without any preparation at all, like I just tought of it and just had to print a mug shot background and just wrote the numbers these figures are holding thru a piece of paper and ‘tadaa!! Instant toy photo shoot.


Below is the set up.  
Now since Hasbro released their new Marvel Legends infinite series line a couple of months back I decided on redoing this shot since I really dig how the Spiderman and Daredevil figure turned out, the paint apps on their new figures is a bit glossy and the sculpt is nothing like the ones we used to get from the toybiz line but that didn’t stop me from hunting these new Marvel Legends figures since I dig the look and the proportion of these figures. 

This time I added a cut out and the background is still a print out thanks to Google, the template the figures are holding is also a print out that was made thru MS Excel just to give a more detail to the concept I was aiming for.. And of course the shot wouldn’t be complete without a deadpool on it so I used my Marvel Legends Deadpool figure that came from the twin pack that came with Warpath by Hasbro.

So this is how it turned out.


Below is the set up.  

I feel more contented now on how the shot turned out. Totally worth it.

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Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts (Code Red)


General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross (The Red Hulk) assembles his incarnation of the thunderbolts to be a strike team that is close to “Code Red”, to rid the world of the evil powers that be – the ones that heavy-hitters such as the Avengers would never have the time for.

Rather than pull together a team of soldiers, Ross convinced the Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool and Flash Thompson (Agent Venom) to form a team of killers that had no problem engaging in the kind of wetwork involved in ridding the world of tyrants and their private armies. He also wanted the kind of killers that wouldn’t ask too many questions.

Samuel Sterns (Leader) later joined the team followed by Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider).


[Marvel Legends] Ghost Rider (Rhino-Build-A-Figure Wave)


For years I have gripes on how this character was treated not until last week when I was luckily enough to see this figure being sold loose (the owner just took the BAF Rhino).

This is one hell of a figure despite the base body is a re-used from Starlord (Pre-movie costume version) and AIM soldier.

A nice touch on the jaw too where they added a hinge so that the figure can open and close its mouth that adds a good feature to the figure… If you haven’t gotten yours yet.. what are you waiting for?

ml-gr-locust (1)

ml-gr-locust (2)

ml-gr-locust (5)

ml-gr-locust (6)

ml-gr-locust (4)

ml-gr-locust (3)

AVENGERS: Age of Ultron | The Reinforcement that never happened

Here’s my random shot inspired by Marvel’s Age of Ultron movie, how I really wish to see all these characters into one movie. This shot is my version of “What If” these three guys came in to back up the Avengers but a little too late to join in the action? LOL


Deadpool: “Hey! We’re here… Wait where’s everyone?”
Spiderman: “*Ugh.. we came here for nothing..”
Daredevil: “We shouldn’t made that stop over.”
Deadpool: “Hey I needed to pee!”