figure photography

Bat-Ram’s Bench

Been looking for a good bench for a while now that would fit my mini-me and since I cant find one that fits my liking this is what I got. I still think it could have been better if I go with a wooden popsicles sticks or even apply some paints on this one instead. Anyway here’s what I worked on and may do better the next time. 🤓

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Batman Day!

Since its Batman day today I had to do a very quick action-figure photography session with this figure..

Amongst my Batman figures, this is my most favorite one given it has a decent articulation and a kick ass design.

[Toy Review] S.I.C. Limited Kamen Rider Leangle Jack Form


Here is my take on a figure that was recently released by Bandai a few months back. This is a well improved figure under the notorious S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade line which (more…)

[S.I.C.] Kamen Rider Black RX

[S.I.C.] Kamen Rider ZX Rising!

For larger view, kindly click the gallery. Thanks!

Almost Gone

Here are some photos that were taken way back in 2012 with my old android phone that was taken away from me when I got held up sometime around that year :(. Luckily I was able to kept a back up files on a usb that I misplaced but was later found recently… and to think I can no longer share this with you guys.

Some of the photos were a first attempts to use a photoshop to add effects on some shots I made, edited by a good friend who also happens to love the S.I.C. toyline as well. 🙂