May Stuff

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Flash Season 1 Episode 22 : “Rouge Air”

Here was my quick take on the recent episode of The Flash using my DC Universe figures. I dig the sudden cameo of the Arrow and Firestorm to aid Barry against the reverse Flash.


Batman v Superman | Dawn of Justice Trailer

Has anyone seen the Batman vs Superman trailer yet? Oh man! I am really stoked that I had to watched it a couple of times though it wasn’t as “fancy” as the Avengers Age of Ultron’s trailerssssss but maybe only a DC comics fan would understand how I feel about it.

I had to get this geekasm out of my system so I did this quick toyphotography session with my

DC collectables New 52 Batman and Superman action figures.

batsVsupesbylocust1    batsVsupesbylocust2 batsVsupesbylocust3 batsVsupesbylocust4 batsVsupesbylocust5


Modification and Fix: DC Collectible Batman (from the Capullo series)

Had an issue on my DC Collectible Capullo series Batman action figure were the peg connected to the left wrist is somehow glued so it broke off on my first instance of trying to twist it.



New Loot ( Collecticon 2013 )

Was able to attend the first day of Collecticon 2013 after a long graveyard shift at work..



Got home with only one figure on hand since pretty much I am more than satisfied with the loots I got myself this month.


It’s a DCSH Batman 6″ figure, though the figure has a less articulation I really dig the design and details..

Now my DCSH Supes has a companion ala Bromance…lol