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There are some shots that I forgot to include last July that I decided to include here. Working with some new stuff for this month, stay tuned.

May Stuff

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Best of 2016

Here’s a compilation of my top pick action figure photography shots for the year 2016.. looking forward to do more outdoor shoot next year.. if you wanna check out the rest of my work you can follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page  or subscribe to my Youtube channel for toy reviews.

AVENGERS: Age of Ultron | The Reinforcement that never happened

Here’s my random shot inspired by Marvel’s Age of Ultron movie, how I really wish to see all these characters into one movie. This shot is my version of “What If” these three guys came in to back up the Avengers but a little too late to join in the action? LOL


Deadpool: “Hey! We’re here… Wait where’s everyone?”
Spiderman: “*Ugh.. we came here for nothing..”
Daredevil: “We shouldn’t made that stop over.”
Deadpool: “Hey I needed to pee!”