[Makai Senki]

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Simple fix

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Been wanting to fix this figure for ages, the peg on its ankles broke off due to quality control issue. Now that I’m in the mood to fix it I had to go with the simpliest way that I can think off…


Had to go with any screw that I can find at home that would fit the peg hole of the figure’s ankle..


And now its fixed! It would be temporary tough for I may replace the screw with a darker one so it would somehow blend in to the figure’s color scheme..



[Toy Review] Shogeki Kado Hikaribito Gou

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[Marvel Legends] The Red Team

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Did took this photo two years ago using the Mc farlane Spiderman and face-off Daredevil figure from toybiz and a Deadpool custom figure. I did this shot without any preparation at all, like I just tought of it and just had to print a mug shot background and just wrote the numbers these figures are holding thru a piece of paper and ‘tadaa!! Instant toy photo shoot.


Below is the set up.  
Now since Hasbro released their new Marvel Legends infinite series line a couple of months back I decided on redoing this shot since I really dig how the Spiderman and Daredevil figure turned out, the paint apps on their new figures is a bit glossy and the sculpt is nothing like the ones we used to get from the toybiz line but that didn’t stop me from hunting these new Marvel Legends figures since I dig the look and the proportion of these figures. 

This time I added a cut out and the background is still a print out thanks to Google, the template the figures are holding is also a print out that was made thru MS Excel just to give a more detail to the concept I was aiming for.. And of course the shot wouldn’t be complete without a deadpool on it so I used my Marvel Legends Deadpool figure that came from the twin pack that came with Warpath by Hasbro.

So this is how it turned out.


Below is the set up.  

I feel more contented now on how the shot turned out. Totally worth it.

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Batman v Superman | Dawn of Justice Trailer (v.2)

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It was sometime around May or April this year when everyone saw the very first trailer of the most awaited Batman vs Superman movie and a few moons ago the new official trailer came out and I think that was the first one everyone saw “The Trinity” in action… so that triggered me to do this shot using my DC Collectibles figures.


In case you haven’t seen the official trailer yet or you want to watch it again and again and again like me (lol), check it out below.

For me this is the most epic thing I have seen and I am more hype to see this movie compared to Marvel’s Civil War not because I am biased to DC (which I kinda am..lol) but really because we have seen a lot of what Marvel can throw at us and yes, it was all good and it will still be — except the stuff Fox did with their franchise.

After a couple of reboots from the Superman and Batman franchise, DC are now on the right track which they started off with the Man of Steel followed by this Batman vs Superman flick, we are still a couple of years shy to see the entire Justice League in one screen but at least there’s going to be one and I am one of those few who will be waiting for it.





[Toy Review] DC Collectibles: DC Icons Batman

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Here is my review on the recent addition of DC Collectibles to their multiverse of figures — the DC Icons Batman figure..

PACKAGING – this box-style of packaging is pretty much common now a days not just in the DC Collectibles line but also to other toy line like Hasbro’s Star Wars six-inch Black Series and Marvel Legends line that has a decent display window that pretty much shows the entire figure and all of the accessories it came with. Maybe its just me being a nitpicker over a packaging but they could have gone with a bit smaller box instead since there is a lot of space here unless the figure comes with a props or small diorama stand of some sort which it doesn’t..

dciconsbats-locust (22)

DETAILS – The figure is atleast 6-inch tall from the bat ears down to toe, the sculpt is nicely done with a solid paint application, I dig the darker tone on the base body with a rubbery feel on the bat-gloves, boots, cape and the utility belt —- and no, the belt is not removable if you may wonder but it is a separate piece attached to the figures waist.

There may have been some collectors who look forward into getting this  DC Icon figures that got disappointed  on how these figure turned out since these figure are smaller in proportion compared to the current lines DC Collectibles had released so far. Here are some height comparison shots I made for everyone’s reference. (click the images to view gallery)

I could have added more figures to compare this DC Icons Batman with but I think you already have an idea how tall these lines are by now…

ARTICULATION – I believe that there are some expectations made when this first photo of the anatomy of the DC Icons figures was posted and shared in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and such many moons before it was released that it would be like sort of a “super articulated-ish” DC Action figure which somehow it did met the articulated part but not as great as many hope it would.

For instance, the head is on a ball joint but the range of motion isn’t that much really — it can tilt a little tiny bit of an angle and not much moving the head downwards and upwards — I tried to add a little pressure moving the head upwards and it came out easily — not that its broken but you will really have to modify either the socket or the ball-joint on the neck just to pull off the range of motion you are expecting to.

dciconsbats-locust (13)

The torso is on a ball joint and there is a decent range of motion there , it kinda serves as a support to provide a bit of a wider range when positioning the figures ab-crunch forward and backward even in sideways, the hinge on the figures waist is a bit tight that can go as far between 70-60 degrees angle forward and a little backwards.

As advertise, the figure does not came with a waist articulation and tigh swivel which DC Collectibles should have added in and also bummed out that the forearm of my figure feels like its glued and doesn’t swivel — did tried the hot water method but still it won’t budge at all.

dciconsbats-locust (12)

dciconsbats-locust (14)

But despite the shortcomings of the DC Icon’s articulation in some areas there are still poses that you can pull off with this figure…

dciconsbats-locust (11)

ACCESSORIES – The figure came with two pair of weapon wielding hands/slightly open splayed hands with rubbery fingers, 2 batarangs and a alternate hand wielding a bat-line/grappling hook/bat-rope… whichever you want to call it..:)

dciconsbats-locust (10)

Please be careful when replacing the figures hands for you may break the peg and moving the hinges on the wrist — it is still a DC Collectible figure that may break easily if you are careless.

dciconsbats-locust (8)

The fingers on the weapon wielding hands are on soft plastic/rubber that you can insert the batarang to it… or hold it whicch is the purpose of it o begin with.

dciconsbats-locust (9)

and the bat rope/grappling hook/bat-line accessory is pretty much the same that was added on the Batman and Robin figures that was released from the DC Universe line..  The only difference is this is already sculpted on the figures hand instead of having it as a separate piece. It has a slide-ish feature (I don’t really know what its called LOL) where both sides of the line can go forward and backward.dciconsbats-locust (7)dciconsbats-locust (6)

So to sum it all….

What to brag about this figure?

  • Well detailed/sculpted figure
  • Nice Paint Apps
  • Average Accessory count

What to gripe about this figure?

  • Limited articulation on the head
  • No tigh swivel
  • No waist articulation
  • No forearms swivel — not a huge deal to be honest but just want to add this in

Overall I would still get this figure at any other day despite with the gripes I have because there are still some stuff that I liked about this figure. There may have been some opportunities that they could have done with this toyline that maybe time can only tell when will that be….

dciconsbats-locust (5)



The Journey of Becoming Undead

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S.I.C. Blade series is one of my favorite releases not just because I like the tv-series itself but on how these characters were re-image by Bandai thru Continue reading

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