[MOD] S.I.C. vol 35 Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Blade series is probably one of my favorite S.I.C. release because of its detail and dope sculpts but also one of the series under the S.I.C. line that I hate most (Hibiki, Ryuki and Faiz too) due to its fragile joints that breaks easily. Anyway, I’ve always liked the vibrant red on KR Blade’s compound eyes and thought it would be great if the normal KR Blade has the same unlike the dark red compound eye it comes with so I experimented and did this mod.

On the left is a broken ‘extra’ piece of KR Blade’s Jack form and on the right side is the normal KR Blade and as you can see both figures has different peg holes on where the compound eyes are being connected, for the KR B-jack form its on the lower center while the normal KR B is on the upper center so I had to make a hole on where I can attach the compound eyes on KR-B.

I don’t own a drill-bit so I used a small screw driver and just tried to make a small hole first and after I switched to a bit more thicker screw driver to make a hole enough for the peg to fit accordingly.

So the first phase is done, and here is the look so far below.

Above is a comparison between 2 normal KR Blades, on the left is the modified with jack form’s compound eyes while we have the un-modified normal/original KR Blade on the right. 

Somehow I am not satisfied with the change I wanted to see so I purchased a Gundam Marker GM05-200 to make that final modification I needed for this figure.

As you can see, the area of the eyes for this figure is blue and hollow at the same time which gives a dark color scheme on the compound eyes even if you change it and thats where the Gundam Marker will come in to play to make that area a bit more lighter and reflective in color that will give a vibrant look on its compound eyes.

And now everything went well according to my plans (bwahahaha!).

Anyone may come up with different ways on how to do this but as for me I am very satisifed with the end result of this mod and maybe I’ll keep that gold detail in between of his compund eyes since it somehow compensates with that gold lining on his cheeks, shoulder pads and bracers. 



Best of 2016

Here’s a compilation of my top pick action figure photography shots for the year 2016.. looking forward to do more outdoor shoot next year.. if you wanna check out the rest of my work you can follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page  or subscribe to my Youtube channel for toy reviews.

Batman X TMNT


It was announced last Friday at the IDW’s panel at Comic-Con (SDCC 2015) that DC Entertainment and IDW Publishing will have a crossover mini series featuring the Dark Knight and the (more…)

[Vlog] Locust’s Man Cave

Hey Guys! So I just made a vlog yesterday that showcases my current stuff in my collection as of the writing.

This year defiently S.I.C. is still my main toyline and pretty much whatever comes extra with my hard earned moolah I will end up getting something from any other toylines such as DC Direct, DC Collectables and some hard to find stuff in the DC universe line.

Probably this year I may tone down a bit on the Marvel Legends line and will aim to army build some 6 inch Black series star wars both clone and strom troopers all thanks to my best bud @macmobiletoyphotography who happens to be on a extreme hype on this stuff as well..hehehe

There’s more reviews to come on the next months so stay tuned.


What I’m into lately…

My Set UpMarvel Legends Mcfarlane/Campbell SpidermanMarvel Legends Mcfarlane/Campbell SpidermanSet upMarvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box setMarvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box set
Marvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box setMarvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box setMarvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box setMarvel Legends Fearsome Foes Box setRevoltech Vash StampedeRevoltech Vash Stampede
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RUN!RUN!Revoltech Ruroumi KenshinRevoltech Ruroumi KenshinRevoltech Ruroumi KenshinRevoltech Ruroumi Kenshin

It has been a while since I posted something here, still eager to make some new toy reviews and share the stuffs I bought for the past months particularly in the S.I.C. and Makai Kado line. But due to my very limited time seems like doing Toy Photography is the only thing I can do as of the moment.

Hopefully when the right time permits I’ll be able to update you guys with some toy reviews just like how I used to do it in the past..

Till then hope you enjoy some of my shots.. 🙂