[Toy Review] DC Collectibles: DC Films Armored Batman

Here is a figure I purchased sometime around December of last year (2016) as a birthday gift for myself, wasn’t able to open it until last week. So let me give you guys a quick written preview/review of this figure.

PACKAGING – it has a display window that showcases the figure + weapon + alternate hands it came with, it’s being served into two trays

  • 1st Tray – The figure + stuff as mentioned above
  • 2nd Tray – The Base + Stand + Clip

and the figure itself is being wrapped around by a twist wire but for mine I had to remove it even before I brought it home since I tend to check the stuff I buy for any quality issue before leaving the store.


It also has a “box art” of the Armored Batman on the blue card board-thing that holds both of the trays together. It also comes with a instruction manual on how to turn on the light eye gimmick, replace the batteries at the back and build the stand and base of the figure.


DETAILS – The figure is within the 7′ inch scale and can go well with my other 7′ inch action figures like S.I.C. and Makai Kado.


Maybe its just me but it looks different compared to the promo photos we’ve seen thinking maybe that was just a prototype of some sort, but I am totally fine with how this figure ended up as far as the details and sculpting goes.


As seen on the manual the light gimmick can be activated simply by pressing the lower abdominal part of the figure, the light does not last long but you can turn it on/off if you want.


The cape has a smooth feel to it and has a wire at both side ends that provides a more dynamic/dramatic look at the figure when posing it on display or simply if you are taking photos of your figure.

ARTICULATIONstarting with the head, it can turn sideways but not full 360 because you might disconnect the wires at the back of the head. It cannot look up or tilt sideways but can move the head downwards. It does have a individual neck articulation that gives additional movement on the head and it’s using a double ball joint connecting the neck from its head.


The shoulder pads/guards is on a hinge joint connected to the shoulders, the main shoulders is on a hinge connected thru a ball joint to the body. It has bicep swivel, double hinge joint on the elbow, wrist is on a hinge as well.

The groin is on a hinge with a ball joint that is connected to the upper thigh, it has a thigh swivel, double jointed hinge knee and ankle pivot and hinge that moves the feet up and down.

Unfortunately it does not have a ab crunch but it can move backward a little.


ACCESSORIES the figure comes with a pair of open splayed hands and a relaxed/weapon wielding hands, a grenade launcher and unfortunately no kryptonite spear.


The process of replacing the hands and placing the weapon is easy but still handle it with care when doing so.




Overall I really like how this figure had turned out, it feels pretty solid despite the minor gripes about the articulation. The scale and the details passed my expectations and looking forward for more action figures from this line.




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