I know its already the mid-week of March, been busy with stuff outside this hobby but that didn’t stop me from taking photos of my action figures… Here are the photos I took during the month of February…

im-working-do-not-disturb_32257973720_o32546680002_5a37cfef3d_o32576981441_72f95b71e5_owhen-youre-not-the-only-one-who-likes-donuts-_32676416265_o32708843786_0cf027a520_odeadpool-x-deathstroke_32794109245_o32874829345_f7f4cc10d3_o32751216991_b10d0ef657_oCoffee_Break32620330590_dc0ed1e998_o32979394735_a67f95c40a_o33002222305_222319011d_o32186700123_175da2412a_o33146426121_74bb7d898c_o32876429021_d23437d771_o32664281530_42a07c33de_o33004658126_14d358e2af_o33067900286_dcb7dab884_oFeb 26 - 2Feb 26 - 132431381964_f6bbf5e568_o


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