Batman v Superman | Dawn of Justice Trailer (v.2)


It was sometime around May or April this year when everyone saw the very first trailer of the most awaited Batman vs Superman movie and a few moons ago the new official trailer came out and I think that was the first one everyone saw “The Trinity” in action… so that triggered me to do this shot using my DC Collectibles figures.


In case you haven’t seen the official trailer yet or you want to watch it again and again and again like me (lol), check it out below.

For me this is the most epic thing I have seen and I am more hype to see this movie compared to Marvel’s Civil War not because I am biased to DC (which I kinda but really because we have seen a lot of what Marvel can throw at us and yes, it was all good and it will still be — except the stuff Fox did with their franchise.

After a couple of reboots from the Superman and Batman franchise, DC are now on the right track which they started off with the Man of Steel followed by this Batman vs Superman flick, we are still a couple of years shy to see the entire Justice League in one screen but at least there’s going to be one and I am one of those few who will be waiting for it.






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