The Journey of Becoming Undead


S.I.C. Blade series is one of my favorite releases not just because I like the tv-series itself but on how these characters were re-image by Bandai thrutheir talented sculptors Takayuki Takeya and KenJi Ando, BUT despite all the superb design elements this figure line has the downfall of these are their poor joint system used and most likely to some is the range of motion.


So here are the challenges I had when transforming Chalice to its Joker Undead form.

In a scale of 10 I would say if you would get this characters from the SIC line, anticipate that 8/10 chances you would end up having a figure with a broken/crack joint particularly on volumes 36 and 37, even if its a MISB (Mint-In-Box) condition — which sucks… I know.. I am just a daredevil who went ahead and jump into completing them all from Blade, Blade King, Blade Jack Form, Chalice, Chalice Wild Form, Joker Undead, Garren, Garren Jack and Leangle. Luckily the Jack form of Leangle was not released the same time these first Blade line came out otherwise it may suffer the same fate as the other suffers from. Now the Leangle Jack Form is using the modern double hinge type of joints compared to the old single hinge with a ball joint.

When transforming Chalice into its Joker form you need to remove pretty much all of Chalice’s armor parts, arms and feet.


The right elbow joint already have a crack to begin with so even a little pressure pulling the arm off the joint gave in easily.


I don’t have an extra S.I.C. figure to butcher aside from this Garren figure which I used to replace the right bicep of chalice tough its well obvious both figures have different color schemes..


Above are the Joker Undead parts and if you are thinking removing his Chalice arms is the only challenging part you may encounter then you are wrong — dead wrong — LOL — but yeah placing the Joker arm into its bicep is a bit stressful because the joint you will be connecting the arm may break — applying the hot water/blower thing may add chances on your success rate putting the arms on OR will make the joint itself be weakened more since it will soften the plastic so I suggest apply these method on the socket in the arms itself and not to apply the blower/hot water method on the joint itself — but a daredevil like myself I didn’t use any “shabadubi” methods and went ahead and place the arms with care.


There is a detailing bicep part of the Joker Undead form that should go on the left side of the figure but since I used Garren’s right bicep I had to utilize that just to cover it and somehow it did the trick in a way…..



The range of motion of this form is average just like the rest of the S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade series. The design elements are superb and I had no regrets completing them all despite their shortcomings on the quality of joints used for I am a fan of the line ever since.

Below is the manual in case you need to check it out for your reference..


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