[Toy Review] Equip & Prop vol.2 Garo & Madoubi

Finally I was able to snag a Equip and Prop vol.2 Garo and Madoubi that was released even before I started collecting action figures.


Since I bought the Equip and Prop vol.8 Makai Knight Dan, I decided right then that I will take a chance on getting all the Equip and Prop series when my wallet permits it (har har), I am pretty much aware of the chances of this series to come with a poor weak and fragile joints but just knowing Equip and Prop line is a part of the spin-off from the S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin), image

that weak joint thing isn’t really much of a huge deal anymore for me all thanks to the experience I gained from being into the S.I.C. line for years. Yes, it’s a bummer that these kind of issues exist and it should not happen but at the end of the day it is still a matter of choice, and I chose to stick with these kind of figures because despite all that “issues” and the lack of range-in-motion- in some areas the artistic sculpts and definitive design elements Takeyuki Takeya and Kenji Ando put in these figures is a major factor on why I love this toyline a lot.

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Instruction Manual:



I forgot to mention on this review that this set did not came with a madoubi lighter accessory that the figure can equip. Upon checking it seems pretty much all Garo releases from the Equip and Prop series never had one but glad Bandai decided to include one when they did the Makai Kado Garo.




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