[ Review ] Makai Kado Jyaaku


INFO :  Release Date – May 2012 | Manufacturer : Bandai | Line : Makai Kado |
Sculptor : Takayuki Takeya | PO Price¥ 7,500 (approx. $ 68 ) | Height : 7″



It came with a brown box which is a signature for Bandai’s exclusive figures under the S.I.C., Makai Kado, SH Figuarts line and even Saint Seya figures as far as I know. If you bought one but didn’t came with a brown box then it only means the seller is such a douche (lol) and decided to throw it away or they don’t know the “relevance” of it, because keeping and having it is a huge deal for some collectors like me since this Tamashii Exclusives didn’t cost cheap therefore I would personally want everything that came with it to be present.


The main packaging is a windowless box that contains the figure. Nothing fancy about it aside from a “semi-tribal” designs on the sides and upfront.


The figure is being served in two transparent trays with covers per each trays.



‘Gotta love the details and sculpt of this figure, overflowing with awesomeness from the tip of the ear to the tip of its toe.


It still has the feature of pretty much all the Makai Kado released were the figure can open it’s mouth that gives additional feature. But compared with Garo, most of the release after him doesn’t longer uses a transparent plastic on the eyes but instead replaced by painted plastic in metallic/glossy color instead.




wpid-mkjyaakureviewlocust9.jpg wpid-mkjyaakureviewlocust10.jpg wpid-mkjyaakureviewlocust11.jpg


Like Garo it came with the same set of hands and “Black-Garo” sword but of course with a darker color scheme. *Madō Lighter is the only item that was not included since its not applicable with the character.



Basically placing and replacing of parts is very simple and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify where these parts goes to in this figure but still if you are having a hard time you can refer to the Manual it came with. What needs to be taken in consideration is when you place the sword into the figures hand, be careful not break the handle of the sword.


COMPARISON : Here is a comparison between the two. Jyakku and Garo – overall there’s not much of a difference from the scale, sculpt, articulation and design aside from the color scheme.

Overall it’s really hard to pass this figure even though he is just a darker version of Garo.

If you’re a fan of the series despite the slight heavy-price tag it’s really worth it especially if you dig action figures with a very nice design, sculpt and features.






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