Thank God Its My Day Off

So it has been a busy week for me at work, haven’t done any toy reviews as of yet, but luckily I was able to spend time to meet up with a good friend who gave me some new cool stuffs to read like the Green Lantern trade paper back comic book and the new 52’s Red Lantern issues ( issue #1-#6) ..


On top of that, I was able to get my hands on an old Toybiz Marvel Legends Nightcrawler and a Hasbro Iron Spider man and got them at a really decent price…


After that we went to grab something to eat at Greenbelt’s Nanbantei ( Japanese-Restaurant ) and had a few drinks too.. 😛


I’m looking forward by next week or so if I can still aquire some more stuffs that I can add to my toy-collection.. Possibly a Toybiz Marvel Legends or a Bandai S.I.C…

But still depends on my budget next week…lol



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