My Year End Haul — Farewell 2012

Here are my year end hauls that I bought for the month of December, I got most ’em from the Christmas Toy Convention that was held here in Manila.


It has been a prosperous year for me, a lot of good and bad stuff happened. Met some new people, gained new friends and most especially my collection is expanding more than I expected..



I am looking forward on coming up with more toy reviews for the year 2013, twice as many reviews that I was able to come up with for 2012.. I hope! lol I would like to take this chance to thank all the people who supports my blog especially firestartertoys, kixkillradio, Micromatsing, Adbenturero, Carrot Rider, Deceptic Optics, Facebook’s Toy Photography, Novelty Club and the Super Imaginative Chogokin Group and you!

Thank you guys! Goodbye 2012 and Happy New Year to all!



  1. I like your pics, but I noticed in the picture the box with zer 3 on it. What is the full name on the box. It has SIC on it. The first picture. Thank you,

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