[ Toy Review ] Manga Realization Kakugo no Susume Kyouka Gaikokkaku Zero & Raiden


Manufacturer : Bandai / バンダイ
Producer : Yukio Fujioka
Sculpt by : Takeyuki Takeya
Copyright Takayoshi Yamaguchi Akita Shoten

Toy Line : Manga Realization
Characters : Exoskeleton Zero / 強化外骨格 零 and Exoskeleton Raiden / 強化外骨格 雷電)
Origin / Series : Kakugo no Susume
Release date: Sept 2010 – Price: 6,300 Yen (approx 72.70 USD)
Height : approx 180 mm / 7 ”


the packaging design has a huge display window at front while has a small one at top ( but you can’t see much from there..) and at the back has a manga style previews of both figures and some other info that are in Japanese texts.



locustreviewapozero_4 locustreviewapozero_5


The figures are served on a single tray together with all the accessories it comes with and since this is an old release expect that these figures are totally wrapped up with ye’ old damn twisties..

Kyouka Gaikokkaku Zero



Both Zero and Riden packs with a very dope details, mold and sculpts with a gorgeous translucent eyes. Takeya really did an awesome job in making a realization of these Manga/Anime characters.

For zero, he has a very solid feel all thanks to the materials used aside from the diecast parts that were well distributed to its elbow, knee, feet and his body. Color scheme is well applied and the design really looks hardcore with all the screw and socket-like details that can be seen in every part of his body from head to toe and even at the sole of its feet has that socket-like detail.

locustreviewapozero_7 locustreviewapozero_8.0 locustreviewapozero_8 locustreviewapozero_9 locustreviewapozero_10 locustreviewapozero_11

Also Zero packs with a very sharp objects made in hard plastic embedded to his shoulders, wrist and at the back of his foot (heel part).

The side plates details on its waist can be move freely and uses a ball joint.

locustreviewapozero_12 locustreviewapozero_13.0


the figure has a decent range of motion though it still lacks a few in some areas but still able to come up with nice and awesome stance and dynamic poses, if I were to be asked I’d give it a 7 out of 10 score on this criteria.

locustreviewapozero_13 locustreviewapozero_14 locustreviewapozero_15

ACCESSORIES : on the accessory Zero comes with —

  • Battle-Mode-Head variant ( made up name since l barely know the character lol )
  • Scarf
  • 2 calmly splayed hands and 1 slight rage splayed hands
  • Power Cable ( made up name.. I know its lame but can you blame me? lol )
  • 1 Battle-Mode side plate

locustreviewapozero_16 locustreviewapozero_17 locustreviewapozero_18 locustreviewapozero_20 locustreviewapozero_21 locustreviewapozero_22 locustreviewapozero_23 locustreviewapozero_24 locustreviewapozero_25 locustreviewapozero_26

Placing this accessories to Zero is not really that hard and it is very easy to figure out but please do note that when doing so please be careful on the spike-detail on the figure, either you may hurt yourself or break those parts.


PART IIKakuseishiki Kyouka Gaikokkaku Raiden


DETAILS : Just like Zero, riden also packs with awesome details and stuff with a bright metallic red color scheme applied.

locustreviewapozero_28 locustreviewapozero_29.0 locustreviewapozero_29 locustreviewapozero_30 locustreviewapozero_31 locustreviewapozero_32  The sharp blade like detail on Riden’s shoulder pads are a bit loosely attached and keeps on falling off when posed on a certain angle or position, and since I barely know this characters I am not quite sure if this is one of Riden’s armaments or just a part of this figures design.


Now the arms has another cool feature that are on a hinge and I am just assuming that this is a part of his “riden-battle-mode”.


Well basically both figures shares exactly the same body frame so whatever the range of motion Zero is capable off, expect that Riden has it too.. and BTW the only dissatisfying aspect that I find about this figures is that the knee are being hindered by the diecast knee guards so its impossible/difficult to make this figure go on a kneeling pose.

locustreviewapozero_34 locustreviewapozero_35

ACCESSORIES : Riden comes with —

  • Samurai Sword and Sheat ( non-diecast )
  • 1 pair of scarf
  • 1 Holding-Things hand, 1 slight open splayed hands and 1 open splayed hands.

locustreviewapozero_36 locustreviewapozero_37 locustreviewapozero_38

When I was making this review I can’t help noticing how Riden’s open splayed hands looks very familiar, so when I checked some of my S.I.C. figures I immediately noticed that they re-used S.I.C. Kamen Rider J’s hand but removed the ball jont on the wrist.

locustreviewapozero_39 I was hoping that Bandai could have made the samurai into diecast instead but its juts me..locustreviewapozero_40

The sheath can be easily attached at the back thru a peg. I’ve read some reviews in the past stating that its hard to pose Riden into drawing its sword at the back… My figure says otherwise but do it with caution.

locustreviewapozero_41 locustreviewapozero_42 locustreviewapozero_43


This duo are one of a must have figure for those collectors who are into 7″ inch figure, a fan of Takeyuki Takeya’s works and to anyone that enjoys a hefty figure that packs with superb details, color scheme and decent range of motion.

I’d give it an overall score of  9 out of 10 due to lack of articulation in some areas but I do not regret on getting this figure. Despite this was released in mid 2010 they are still being sold in some online stores at a very decent price — maybe because these characters are not as popular as the others but I see it as a good opportunity for you guys to get yours.

Hope you like’d my review.. Chiao! 🙂



One thought on “[ Toy Review ] Manga Realization Kakugo no Susume Kyouka Gaikokkaku Zero & Raiden

  1. Hi i was wondering how long is the sword because im
    Looking for a 7 inch katana sword like riden jus want to know the measurement of the sword

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