[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. volume 62 – Kamen Rider ZX


A very simple and compact packaging with a huge display window, displaying the entire figure and almost all of  the accessories it comes with.









First off, this figure doesn’t have any diecast part on it but mind you, I am really impressed on how Takeyuki Takeya and Yukio Fujioka came up with the designs, sculpts and paint schemes. They really took the cyborg + ninja scheme of this rider very seriously indeed and not a single piece of sloppiness exist in this figure — detail wise.

The compound eyes are still stunning but the mold of its head is making the figure looks proportionaly small. ZX’s belt is in translucent plastic with several awesome-looking undetachable armaments surrounding the belt. ZX’s antennae is well glued to its head making him the 2nd SIC Showa Rider that have this kind of feature ( 1st was SIC Kamen Rider X ).


The figures comes with a fair range of motion though I find the hips  design somehow hinders the entire legs to split apart w/c is a common issue for SIC Skyrider and Super 1 as well.  One of the main features of this release is that they used a balljoint system and placing it within the shoulder blades of the figure instead of the typical over the shoulders style — w/c is a thumbs up for us S.I.C. fags since the idea is to allow the figure to move freely and to come up with some great dynamic poses since after all, the rider’s scheme is a cyborg ninja (duh!).


• Katana (Diecast)  • Sheath (Plastic)  • Kunai (Plastic)  • Shuriken (Plastic)  • Hand Grenade (Plastic)  • Scarf  • Kagi or Grappling Hook  ( Chains – Diecast / Hook – Plastic )   • And a thing that looks like a Jedi Knight’s lightsaber that you can attached on it’s leg.

It comes with 3 sets of holding things hands that allows the figure to wield it’s ninja weapons. It is easy to determine to w/c hand a certain tool should be attach to just by checking the different grooves on those hands and I highly suggest that when replacing or attempting to place this tools please be cautious particularly on the kunai knife w/c is made of plastic with a sharp edge — either you get hurt or brake the kunai knife. 

If confuse to w/c one goes to where you can always rely on the instruction sheet that comes with the figure.

If confuse to w/c one goes to where you can always rely on the instruction sheet that comes with the figure.


I made a few size comparisons for you guys to see how ZX looks smaller in proportion all thanks to the figures head and body mold. 😦



Highly recommended for  any toy enthusiast to be honest. It’s well detailed sculps and fair range of articulations are a sure win for this figure ( not to mention it cost cheap too! ) despite the slight height discrepancy.




  1. Excellent review, Locust.
    Best one of ZX that I have read on the net.
    Thanks for having the courage to dissect the parts (like in you exploded arm schematic and shoulder armor pics). Those are very helpful for us collectors who deal with our SICs with kid gloves 🙂

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