S.I.C. Kamen Rider Stronger is powered by Energizer!!


Just when I was about to take some photos of my S.I.C. Kamen Rider Stronger I checked if the light-up gimmick is still working, since the last time I checked I think a few weeks ago the light doesn’t lit up well as it used to before, and just as expected the battery is already ran out of juice.


Luckily my Dad had a spare one but not exactly the same type as what the figure was using which is a 2032 type.

He gave me an energizer 2025 battery — its a bit thinner than 2032 and thought at first that it’s not going to work because it may not fit or not compatible with the battery slot of the figure. (because I’m a noob at this stuff)


I was desperate so I went on and tried what my Dad gave me……… and it FITS!

But I had to check if the led lights would lit up and it doesn’t! Maybe because the battery I used is thinner compared to the older one that the figure had, but I decided to keep it there and put everything back in to test if it will work this time and…….




I am just not sure how long the battery can last since I am using a 2025 type and obviously I am not knowledgeable at this stuff. (noob alert!)


and everyone was happy! ( except for Momo — he’s a jelly bastard.lol)

I know I haven’t made any reviews for quite some time now and I have my work to blame.lol

But as my fellow collectors say.. ” no work no pay no S.I.C.-ness “..lol


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