[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. volume 14 – Kamen Rider 1 and Cyclone


  • Date released : April 2002
  • Starting Price : Y7,140
  • Scale/Size : 6 inches tall
  • Weight : 1.09kg
  • Sculpt and Design : collaboration of Kenji Ando and Takeyuki Takeya
  • Other Info : This was the 14th releases of the regular edition S.I.C.
  • This set was the third vehicle for the S.I.C. line and the first to come from the Masked Rider series.

—– Kamen Rider 1 ——


It is on a huge box with a huuuuge display window, the box art concept has a mechanical-ish feel.

The figure is being served in a two tray, the cover tray and the tray that holds the figure, bike and its accessories… and of course let’s not forget the effin’ twisties that are full of fail!


The figure is well detailed, it somehow reminds me of the main art/manga concept of Shotaro Ishinomori of his very first rider way back in the early 70’s.

But of course, this time an alteration was made. A well thought out color scheme, a breathtaking mold and sculpts w/c most of it was concentrated on his head and chest.
 Talkin’ about the details, I’m a bit confuse because I find the figure a mixture between Kamen Rider Kyuu Ichigo version ( compound eyes ) and Sakurajima Ichigo version
( color scheme – dark green )..

Oh hell! Since its S.I.C. anyway I’m not gonna make my brain blown-away thinking about it..  o_o

Sadly there isn’t much of chogokin parts on this figure except for its Typhoon Belt which at the center is made of red translucent plastic.


This has an add-on detail or "gimmick" where in you can open the figure's mouthpiece to see half of the figures human face.
I find this concept really cool BUT the only thing that I displeased about this is if you were not able to close the mouthpiece firmly, a portion of the human face will still be visible.
There will be also some instances that if you tilt the head up, the mouthpiece would open and sometimes, it would fall off easily.


The range of motions are pretty decent, its articulation points are well enough to ride its bike and come up with some “limited” dynamic poses.

Body/Waist - Limited range when tilting it forward (approx 100 degrees) while it has more range when tilting it backwards (approx 120 degrees).
Arm Articulation - The ball jointed shoulders does not have much articulation. While the figures upper and lower arms are using a ball joint on a hinge style.
Leg Articulation - The groins are on a ball joint connecting to the legs, the thighs and lower leg are using double ball joints while the feet are on a single ball joint.

Head Articulation - Limited articulation on the head, can be tilted upwards and have only atleast a 90 degree angle when turning his head sidewards.


It comes with a fair number of accessories w/c are :

• 2 pcs of scarves

• 1 pair of chopping hands

• 1 pair of close fist hands

• NO Human Head.. Oh wait.. WHAT?!! #mindblown

Here is a preview of the manual that came with the figure..

—– “First” Cyclone ——

Finally I was able to get my hands on the very first “rider machine” released in the S.I.C. line..


The bike is a bit heavy since 90% of the materials used is diecast metal.

Cyclone has a solid details, features and paint apps, even the meter gauge has an accurate design while the exhaust comes with a weathered-ish color scheme applied.

The first feature that I'm gonna show off for this bike is that it comes with a compartment at the back to store volume 15's KR no. 2's helmet.

It could have been better if they include KR no. 1's human head so that this compartment can be useful to this figure as well.

It comes with a plastic clear stand if you don’t want to use the kick stand on the bike...

another neat feature is that you can actually replace the "rider-logos" on the bike into "shocker-logos" w/c is made of diecast meta... eeeeer... or maybe just hard plastic..?! #mindblownagain

I think the idea behind this is to allow volume 15's shocker rider ride the bike to gain usage of the bike.

note : S.I.C. volume 15 is a double pack release that consist of Kamen Rider No. 2 ( Nigo ) w/ a replaceable human head and Shocker Rider.



 A highly recommended figure most especially to those diehard fans of the showa era Riders.

 To me the only cons for this S.I.C. release are :

• If the mouthpiece is not close firmly, it would tend to fall off easily — a portion of the human face will be visible.

• Does not come with KR no. 1’s human head, the bikes compartment scheme is useless for this figure unless you want to store the figures spare hands inside the compartment…LOL!

As far as the articulation of the figure is concerned, it’s not really a big deal for me since this is an “old school” S.I.C. release so I really don’t mind about the limitations of the figures articulation.

but overall still, it’s worth it since there are only a few S.I.C. rider bikes released by Bandai unless you would go for the HK/SPC custom made bikes that may cost more….



  1. Another excellent Review! I never realized the figure had so much articulation for such an early release! Now… I have to get this figure….

    Thanks so much for the best pictorial reviews of SIC’s on the net.

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