[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. 2007 Classic volume 12 – Hakaider & Bike


S.I.C. ( Super Imaginative Chogokin ) volume 12 – is the 2nd S.I.C. release that came with a bike. I find the figure a slight re-imaged version of the main “protagonist”  in the film “Mechanical Violator Hakaider ” that was showed in Japan on April 15, 1995, the resemblance is really the same compared to the original design of Hakaider by Ishinomori from the early 70s.


As expected for a S.I.C. release that comes with a bike, it is… huge…  so huge that it didn’t fit well on my toy booth and I had some difficulty on taking photos of it..

I decided to remove the background and took the box as is.. my apologies for the poor image quality.. not used to taking photos without my toy booth.. T-T #howtragic

And incase you don’t know, this S.I.C. set is a re-issue of the 2001 released Hakaider & Bike, w/c are called as ” S.I.C. classics 2007″.

S.I.C. Classic – is simply defined as a reissue of some of the earlier release from the S.I.C. line with the figure having the same sculpt, detail and accesory count except for a slip-package concept on the box and comes with a Hobby Japan special-edition HERO SAGA mini booklet. There are aslo some volumes that comes with a diecast name plate with a clear stand.

*but for some reason there are also some S.I.C. classic releases that didn’t come with a booklet…

*I just took out the slip-package..

The first thing that I like about this S.I.C. release is that the figure didn't came with a huge number of effin' twisties... there are only five of it added on this set..

*looooooooveee it!!! BOOOM!


This is my first non-Kamen Rider related S.I.C. figure so far and it instantly became my favorite..

All hands down to Takeyuki Takeya — The details, paint job and sculpting are excellent, w/c is something that we ( *pertaining to S.I.C. collectors just like myslef ) can expect from an earlier S.I.C. release..

*Most of the diecast parts can be seen/felt on his body while the rest are just in hard plastic.


Except for the head, surprisingly the figure has a wide range of motion w/c I’d never expected for an old release..

• The head can swivel but its pretty stiff on my figure. ( limited articulation )
• Single ball-jointed elbows and shoulders.
• Hands can swivel
• Ball-jointed waist – can turn 360 degrees
• Upper body/chest has a hinge that can tilt backwards further compared to tilting the body forward.
• Ball-jointed thighs/leg
• Double ball-jointed knees
• Ball-jointed feet

The articulation is that good in a way that it can do a nice " rider kick " pose... TOH!! RAYDAAH KICK!! LOL


The figure comes with a decent number of stuffs..

• Extra chest plate with an “X battle scar” at the center
• Long double barrel pistol
• Shotgun
• Diecast – Mechanical heart
• Brain
• 2 “holding-thing” hands that uses a thick peg instead of a ball joint.

Always remember that you can always rely on your manual incase you are unsure or don't know how to put some of the figure's stuff in its body..


NOTE : Just be careful when doing this because I noticed that the eye can easily be remove and the only thing that you can do to fix it is to glue the eyes back in.

NOTE : Be cautious when trying to remove the chest plate.

The "X battle scar" mark on the chest is in translucent plastic while the cracks around it adds more superb details to the figure.


For me, the main attraction for this S.I.C. release is this bike, it’s like 80-90% of its body are made of diecast metal with a great paint job with some weathered and wash effect added. Kenji Ando really did a great job on re-creating Hakaider’s bike, the sculpt, design and details is awesome indeed.

The main headlight can be remove to give a different look on Hakaider’s bike w/c again, became my favorite *cough badass *cough version of this bike..

It comes with a clear plastic stand since there are times that the bike would fall off easily, the diecast kick stand is not enough to handle the weight of the bike itself.

I find placing the figure on its bike is a bit difficult most especially when trying to pose it on a "riding stance" ..


Highly recommended figure, despite the limited articulation on its head the rest of its body has a very good range of motion. The accesories and gimmicks it came with are really nice and well thought out. These days might be difficult to get hold of this S.I.C. release but once you found one, go ahead and get it, try to check this out in some online stores or you can start ordering from the nearest hobby/toy stores near you.

It’s a keeper for anyone who are into diecast figures, S.I.C. collectors or a fan of Ishinomori works such as Kikaider and the Kamen Rider franchise.

For now here are some previews of this figure to be followed by more photos soon… Enjoy! 🙂




  1. This was my first SIC, and is still my absolute favorite. The SIC line has come a long way since then, with tons of accessories and almost SHF-level articulation, but still, nothing can touch how awesome Hakaider is.

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