[ Toy Review ] Makai Kadou Garo


  Makai Kadou is a new toy line released by Bandai, it falls under the S.I.C. (Super Imaginative Chogokin ) spin offs and the 2nd Garo toy line released by the said company. The first batch of Garo toy line were called Equip and Prop ( released in 2006 ) were the main concept for this line are to “dress up” the figure to its human or armored form, plus it comes with an accesory that you can litterally wear or use ( ie Ring, Pendant, Sand timer and a lighter. ).

  Most of the Garo lines were sculpted by Takeyuki Takeya, but for your understanding Makai Kadou and Equip and Prop ARE NOT S.I.C. figures and should be treated as a different line.




As you can see, its well kept in a decent box with a wide display window, almost the enire packaging is on a reflective gold color scheme and to be honest I had a difficulty taking photos of it because it keeps on reflecting the light from my lamp shades.. 😛

The figure is being served in 2 trays with a cover for each.



The eyes are on translucent green plastic while the rest of it has a unrivaled and accurate detail from every angle. Though I find the armor very bulky if I'd compare it from the original Garo TV series.

*Height comparison from a Kiwami Tamashii Garo figure


Due to its design, it has a very limited articulation on its head and torso while the arm and the legs has a decent range of motion. The biceps and the hands are on ball joint with a single joint hinge elbow, it has a thigh swivel, doube joint hinge knee while the foot are on ball joint.

I don't see the lack of articulation on some parts of its body a bad thing since its something that I expected for a figure that falls under the S.I.C. spin off line.


It comes with one gripping hand, 3 close fists ( one with a detailed Zaruba sculpted on the back of the hand ) and one pair of slight open splayed hands that are good enough to hold the scabbard of the sword and the lighter.

The cape is in translucent plastic with a very fine details.

Be careful when putting the "pins" on the cape for the peg can be easily break.

This sword is the only thing that is made of diecats in this figure while the scabbard is made of plastic...

The blades are not that sharp but still be cautious and keep this away from childrens reach. Same goes with every accesory it comes with.

Well unfortunately, the handle of this sword is not made from diecast but I really like the translucent flame effect on this sword.


It’s a good figure that cost cheap, despite the lack of a few articulation points the figures comes with a praiseworthy sclupts and details.

I highly recommend it most especially for the Garo fanatics out there.


Articulation : Makai Kadou has a much wider range of motion compared to Equip and Prop.

Detail and Proportion : Almost the same for the body proportion but the color scheme is different from one another. 

• Equip and Pro = Interchangable parts mostly on the armor.

• Makai Kadou = Dedicated figure ( no need to replace parts ), does not come with a human form nor accesorry that can be used.

You can check the rest of the photos that were not included on this review here.




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