[ Toy Review ] Project BM: Kamen Rider Ichigo [ The Next ]


Front packaging

Back packaging

I really like on how this figures are being kept in a huge simple box with an open window scheme.

The figure is being served on a double tray, one for the cover and one that contains the figure alongside with the accessories it comes with.

For its accessories it comes with an extra antenna and aside from the default slightly open splayed hands, a pair of chopping and close fist hands were added.

It comes with a base stand and I didn't bother to remove them from their packaging for I don't have any plans yet on putting this figure on display in my room without a glass display case. But as you can see there are 4 different alternate clips which will be used to secure the figure on the stand ( Usage for: neck, arms, waist and legs. )


Though it has a zipper on the suit, I haven't checked yet if I can remove the jacket off.

The first problem that you might encounter is when you try to replace the hand for the leather on the suit is so thick that you'll be having a hard time putting the gloves on.

Anyhow the hand has a hinge that swivels but does not serve anything at all.. in other words.. useless..

For some reason I have managed to remove the tibia ( part of a leg )...

It has a long peg that can swivel sideways but again, it does not help much due to the design of the boots..


Articulation and Pose-ability:  

• Please take note that when doing some poses on the figure please be gentle and cautious for the joints are very fragile or brittle..  on other words.. handle it with care.

Fair movement on the head, it can tilt up, down and sideways. It can even rotate on a full 360 degree angle.

The figure turn out more than I expected it to be.. The articulation wasn't that bad but because of the leather suit, it hinders the entire figure to do some good action poses.

Single joint elbows that can bend in a 90 degree angle while the biceps can swivel.

Abdominal crunch and tilting the body backwards ain't a problem at all..

The waist can turn but not full 90 degrees, be cautious when doing so.

A very nice wide range of motion on the legs were thighs can swivel, knee joint can bend in a 90 degree angle as well.



SIZE COMPARISON : ( left to right ) HDM , Movie Realization , SH Figuarts



    1. Thanks bro! Its really worth it, they say I need to keep it in a cool place and not to over exposed it to light for it may harm the leather material used on the suit.

    1. None.. I try to be cautious when trying to move some of its joints because Project BM are also known of having a very weak parts/joints especially to the Kamen Rider The First and The Next line.

  1. Hi bro, how’s the suit holding now? Are you from Singapore by the way? The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, kind of scare that the suit won’t last in this climate..

    1. I am from the Philippines, I sold it months later bro so I was not able to see if it did. But I have a few friends who owned the first riders and other hesei riders in the same line and they say some parts of the suit colors started to fade away most especialy if kept in a certain pose for so long, the leather parts started to tore off as time goes by. 😦

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