[ Review ] S.I.C. vol 43 – Kamen Rider Den O Gun form & Ryutaros Imagin


It’s pretty much identical to the rest of the regular S.I.C. Den-O releases that has a large display window..
while on the sides and at the top of the box has a small display window that has a Den O logo at the center and a rail track design and lastly..
some reflective text and additional designs that are slightly embossed.


I have already made a few reviews for the S.I.C. Den O line so I won’t be bragging to much on how good.. or should I say HOW GREAT the details, sculpt and even the articulation are…
In case you may wonder most of the chogokin parts can be seen / feel on the body, bracers, shin guards and anklets.. I’m not sure about the belt though, can’t say if its a diecast or just hard plastic..



Can you guess what’s missing here? lol
The figure came with a pointing hand or for this charater, I call it the ” Kotae wa kiitenai or Can’t hear you ” hand..
*for some reason I really can’t resist to do this pose..LOL
it only came with one….. yes! not two but one open splayed hand..  and if I would nitpick this S.I.C. release (w/c I’m about too.. ) this would be my first complain. I already own all main four S.I.C. Den O forms so there shouldnt be a problem right? Since I can just get/borrow one open splayed hand on the other sets… but my point here is that what if I’m just a fan of Gun form or doesn’t own any other S.I.C. Den O aside from this..? Get my point? Where is the love Bandai??
Two holding thing hands that each has a unique grooves on its palm.. I’m just guessing but maybe the reason for that is for the other hand to hold the weapon and the other is for the rider pass… but again.. I’m just guessing.. 😛
And of course, this set wouldn’t be complete without their trusty Dengasher..
It came with an ” extra ” 1 piece of den gasher that is almost identical to the one attached as a grip when its on gun mode…
Now, I took the grip off the den gahser to compare one from another. As you can see the port is slighly tilted while the other is completly flat, resting on the surface which I find these irrelevant ( Nitpicker Mode Is On Again.. LOL! ).. I mean, they could have just put a hinge instead but what do I know right? On the contrary its better having a spare… 😛
*Now, what do I do with the spare… I wonder…
*Can you see what I just did here..? 😀

*** Full charge… XP
NOTE : Though the same gimmick do exsist for S.I.C. Gun Form unfortunately there is no way of applying the plat form parts for this figure ( same goes for Axe form.. ) because it seems the buckle on the belt and the face mask are completely glued.. I tried but it won’t budge.. or maybe it’s just my figure? maybe.. I hope..

~ Comparison between Sword and Gun form’s body detail. ~

The reason why I made a comparison between the two is because originally Gun Form is using the similar body as Sword form except for the face, color scheme and lastly the opened chest plate…

But on this S.I.C. release some of the supposedly “similar” parts were modifed to make them unqiue from one another which made me like these S.I.C. Den O line even more..
*Check out the shoulder pads..
*Back view of the shoulder pads..
even at the back, both of them they are using Axe form’s chest piece but Gun form’s version had been modified where in the thrusters where painted in white and some curve angles were added on the sides..
*another back view

Now movin’ on with S.I.C. Ryutaros Imagin..

For this figure it has a very nice details and sculpt all over….


The eyes and almost half of its body are in translucent plastic and I think that is why the figures color is more blue-ish on these photos that I took because originally the color scheme used is purple/violet-ish….


It has a very nice articulation that allows the figure to move in a wide range of motion, you won’t have to worry about the huge shoulder pads for it can swivel so it does not hinder the arms to move freely….
*Like I said.. nice articulation..
Just like S.I.C. Momotaros, Ryutaros can also open its jaw.. *to me ryutaros looks more like a piranha now rather than a dragon..LOL >.<
At first when I held this figure I was having a hard time time posing the body in a staright position while standing, it seems the hips are not aligning properly with the waist and upper body so I decided to pull it off to see what type of joint was used..
the joint used was a double ball joint that connects the waist from the hips and probably it uses the same joint that connects the waist to the chest. The joint looks like a ” Thomas Inch Barbell ” ( you can Google it )….


*It only came with 1 piece of crayon that the figure can hold..

Since it only came with one holding things hand, by having the figure to use a lot of its props the hand would tend to loose out and will cause a problem when you want to use the crayon again.. for this one, all you need to do is to press the index and thumb together and it can hold the crayon again at no problem…


Highly recommended for :

• S.I.C. Completeist / Collector

• Kamen Rider Den O toy collector

• Kamen Rider / Tokusatsu fan

• Plain toy collector

Final Words:

Well despite the fact that S.I.C. Gun form only came with one open splayed hand and one holding things hand for S.I.C. Ryutaros this set is still worth buying because somehow it was well compensated with some extras that came along with this figure.

But if you are still confuse on what to get then you may want to check my other reviews for the S.I.C. Den O line and I hope it helps..

— S.I.C. vol 42 – Kamen Rider Den O Sword form & Momotaros Imagin

— S.I.C. LIMITED Kamen Rider Den O Rod form and Axe form

— S.I.C. Toei Hero Net Limited – Kamen Rider New Den O

~ ~



  1. Awesome review bro! Not really familiar with the toy line, but looking at the details of the figure and articulation and stuff, i think it’s worth buying for collectors. Nice pictures too! 🙂

  2. hi just want to know the metal parts on the body, did you mean the whole body armor like even the shoulder and the opened part on front body ?

    1. The metal or rather parts that are made from chogokin are the bracers, shin guards and that detail at the left and right center of Den O’s belt. Hope this answers your question bro. Cheers!

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