[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. vol 61 : Kamen Rider Super – 1

Packaging: 5/5

A newly designed box with a wider display window, it’s a lot bigger/wider than I imagined.

There are colors representing the color combinations of Super-1’s belt design located on the sides of his belt with a metallic silver tribal-ish designs, while the back of the box is just a typical previews of the figure ( something you can expect from a SIC figure’s packaging ) + some other details and information that are in Japanese characters.

The figure is being served in a single tray aside from its cover while the background

 inside the box is just a plain red cardboard ( same with SIC vol 60 ).

Say goodbye to Twisties for life! ( I hope! )

Details: 5/5

A figure with a very fine detail at all proportions, a stunning compound eyes, a very nice mold and an amazing sculpts on the head, chest, arms, legs and across the entire body.


The tassels on the figures default arms ( called as Superhands ) were replaced by chains instead of yarn/strings on the original series.

*Image of Kamen Rider Super-1 from the 1980 TV series, incase you don't know what his original tassels looked like.

Aside from a very good sculpt on its chest, arms and legs, they also added some fine weathered effect/wash at the sides and corners that makes the figure more ‘realistic’ looking.

The rider belt is in clear plastic and if you’ll take a closer look, you’ll find the propeller like detail inside, while the colored details on the sides of his belt are in metallic paint.


: 4/5

Head Articulation:

 -They invented a new type of joint w/c I have never seen with my S.I.C. figures, and probably this is the first time they use a peg-ball joint design that looks like a classic joystick that is connected to its neck. ( I remove the head for your reference.)

There is a wide range of motion on the head while the neck can turn in a 90 degrees, its pretty stiff to turn it be honest but it ain’t a big deal for me.

Arms and Leg Articulation:

-Due to its leg design, unfortunately this the farthest distance it can reach.

The shoulders are connected by a ball joint with a minimal range of motion,  typical double jointed elbows and the biceps can swivel too.

Double jointed knees, thighs and feet can swivel, while the ankles and the toes has a hinge.

The chest can move but it is also a bit stiff while the abdomen has a fair range of motion too.

Accessories: 5/5

— The part that I really like about this figure..

It came with:

• Kung Fu hands ( made up  word.. 😛 ) , slightly opened/rage hands and a scarf that has a hinge.


or Elek hands

(blue gloves that channel electricity and can fire Elek Beam in the series)

– ball jointed wrists


eeer.... I dunno what to call this stance.. was aiming for a Kung Fu-ish stance but ended up like this.. 😛

Power Hands

(red gloves that allows Super-1 to carry heavy objects and can perform the Megatron Punch in the series)

– has a hinge beneath his knuckles and the thumbs are connected to the palm by a ball joint.


or Tracker Hands

(gold gloves that fires missiles in the series and emits radar waves that helps him track down his enemies)

– has a rocker launcher gimmick.

– ball jointed wrist


& Cold

hands (special gloves ~ The left glove is a cryogenic sprayer, while the right glove is a flamethrower in the series.)

– ball jointed wrist

Every set of his hands are very well detailed.

I have mentioned this to my previous reviews, please take note that when you are trying to put any part of its accessories and unsure how to put them together, all you have to do is just check the manual it came with the figure. (Check it at the back of the red cardboard-thing inside the box.)

Below are the procedures on placing the scarf and the rest of his accessories.

The process of replacing the parts are really easy but it doesn’t hurt if you’ll be cautious. Right? 😛

Overall: 5/5




My Verdict:

S.I.C. volume 61 is really a keeper for anyone who would buy this figure, whether you are a S.I.C. completeist, a  collector like myself or you are just a fan of the Kamen Rider franchise. You can’t miss this opportunity on getting this S.I.C. release for we may never now how much this figure is gonna cost someday.  Speaking of the price, I was really surprise on how much I paid for this figure because to me, it’s worth more than how much its being sold as of now based on the detail, quality and the accessories it comes with.

The figure shares the same body frame as S.I.C. vol 60 – Skyrider and you can expect that the upcoming release next year w/c is S.I.C. vol 62 – Kamen Rider ZX will be having the same body structure and maybe it’s just me but I also noticed that this figure has a ” Kamen Rider The First/The Next “ feel because of its design.

Now I am excited to get my hands on S.I.C. Kamen Rider ZX to complete my set of 10 Altered Humans collections.




  1. GOOD GOD. i was going to get this figure after seeing the preview images… but after reading this review… this has become a MUST GET.

    but they f&%$ up my wallet…


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