Locust’s Hero Saga Volume I: Chapter I:

” The Altered Human vs The Chosen One of G.O.D. “

– The number of members under an evil organization called G.O.D. ( Government of Darkness ) are almost decreasing, being destroyed each one by an Altered Human named Keisuke Jin, who once lived a normal life as an ordinary human being, together with his Father who is a very well known scientist when it comes to robotics. Until, the father and son got caught up in the campaign of terror of G.O.D. They refused to join and serve the organization so they are attacked and the professor’s technology got stolen, both were badly injured and right before his father died, his father was able to perform surgery on his son. Turning his son’s body into a machine…. a cyborg that will help humanity to vanquish evil, destroy the evil organization and bring back the peace to all mankind.

Thus, Keisuke Jin became Kamen Rider X !

Locust's Hero Saga

” The Altered Human vs The Chosen One of G.O.D. “

Locust Hero Saga

*The final bout between the cyborg, Kamen Rider X versus his arch nemesis, the chief of security and the remaining member of G.O.D… Appolo Geist! A battle that will determine humanity’s final hope for freedom and peace.

Locust Hero Saga

Locust Hero Saga

*X Rider manages to pull through and hit Appolo Geist direct in the head by his Ridol Rod…Locust Hero Saga

*Appolo Geist smashed to the ground, somehow weakened by X’s blow….Locust Hero Saga

*X is not aware that Appolo Geist has a trick under his sleeves… replacing his mechanical sword arm to his default right arm and his lethal weapon.. the Shot Shogun!!Locust Hero Saga

*He immediately turned and point his gun direct to X’s chest and pulled the trigger.Locust Hero Saga

Appolo Geist: ” Now you see… you’re also weak.. you’re the same as the lifeforms you were protecting all this time.. The humans… ”    ( To be continue… ) Up Next: Chapter II – Fathers Death Wish ~~


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