[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. vol 60 : Skyrider

Packaging: 5/5

Very simple for a single S.I.C. rider release, the display window is enough to see the entire figure and the accesories it comes with it. The only thing that is new to me is the background inside the packaging.

For the background, I used to see some cool designs of the rider representing the S.I.C. volume release before but for this one, it’s just plain red cardboard. But it’s not really a big deal.

The sides, upper and some parts at the bottom of the box has a tribal looking designs in gold. *

*Ooooh Shiny….

And yes, my ever first parent S.I.C. that didn’t came with any effin’ twisties!! *manly tears

Details: 3/5

Maybe it’s just me but S.I.C. Skyrider is pretty much more TV accurate compared to the rest of the S.I.C. showa riders that I’ve had. There  are just a few S.I.C. treatment in this figure, I’m not saying that it’s horrible but maybe, juuuust maybe Kenji Ando or Takeyuki Takeya took a safer route to make this figure less monstrous or less hardcore-ish,

in other words, Skyrider is just plain and very simple for a S.I.C. figure.

For his color scheme, Skyrider’s color was based on his very first design in the series

( 1st season I think? ).

Compound eyes are big and very stunning indeed but sadly I can’t feel any diecast parts in this figure.
**There are some fine details that can be seen in this figure but there are also a few parts that I’m trying to ignore, like on how the scarf mold was placed on its neck, as you can see below there is an inch of space left just below the scarf that is very visible if you’re gonna take a closer look at it.

Come to think of it, if the rest of its neck has a scarf molded in place it would be very difficult for the figure’s neck to move but to me, they could have just atleast thought of a better way of putting this scarf detail on its neck without letting a single space showing underneath it.

Compairing it to the previous Showa Riders SIC releases prior to this, I find this kind of detail a bit disappointing.

S.I.C. Skyrider has a very muscular body, embossed chest and has 6 pack abs…


His Tornado Belt has a very nice detail, while the switches on the sides of his belt has a hinge so it can do the “Sailing Jump” move ~ enables Skyrider to fly in the tv series.

Articulation: 3/5

Head – is on a dual ball joint ( Head to Neck and Neck to Body ), so you can expect that it can do some movements a normal head can do.

Shoulders –  on ball joints, can rotate 360 degrees.

Elbows – double jointed.

Dual shoulder pads design – supported by a hinge but doesnt move that much and it hinders to raise the arms sidewards further.

Body – has a wide range of motion when it comes to its waist and body.

Legs – typical articulation with double jointed knee, but has a limited range when doing splits.

Ankles and feet can swivel sideward, upward and downward, same goes for the toes.

And lastly, thighs can swivel to.

**Another part of this figure that’s a little bit off for me here would be the hinges on its feet connecting to its toes are very visible. 😡

Accessories: 5/5

SIC vol 60 has a small number of accesories, it aint a big deal since Skyrider is a close combat type of rider.

He comes with 2 chopping hands , open splayed slight rage hands, 2 close fist ( default ) hands, 1 scarf and a tamashii stage act 5 (clear version).

**My last complaint on this figure would be on how the scarf is being hindered by its head therefore, as far as posability goes for its scarf, it won’t do much.

So if I want to pose SIC Skyrider into a dynamic position together with his scarf, the only thing that I can do here for now is to take off his head. Twist its neck on the other side ( ouch! ) then put everything back together.

But by doing so, the issue now is that his neck or even the head won’t move that much anymore.

Anyway, this is now how his scarf looks like if you attached the scarf to his “neck” on default and when you try turn his neck.

For the Tamashii Stage Act 5 that comes with the figure, I find it way more sturdier than the Stage Act 4 which is made for humanoid figures like SH Figuarts, SIC Kiwami Tamashii and Figma.

It comes with a custom made “claw” ( I don’t know what its called ) that was made to support a parent size SIC so we can do more dynamic poses with our figures. You’ll just need to follow the instructions on how to put everything together by checking out the manual that it comes with.


O V E R A L L: 3/5

Like what I’ve stated earlier, S.I.C. volume 60: Skyrider is just plain and very simple. There were a few cons on this SIC release but it is still a great addition to anyones collection, most especially to a S.I.C. completesit just like myself.




  1. Reason I passed on Skyrider was because the only real thing he could do was fly aside from punching and kicking XD hahaha, he doesn’t feel too SIC-ish but still on my backtrack list since he is a main rider and I really want to complete the showa era.

    Very nice review as always and I just love that 8 rider shot! Looking forward to Super-1 when you get him (and I regret not ordering him too)

    1. Thanks for the comments matte.. I strongly agree that SIC vol 60 doesnt look that SIC-ish to me and my reason why I bought this is just to complete my showa era colection. Hopefully by this week, Super – 1 will arrive on our stores here, so excited to make a review and to take some photos of that wicked sick figure.

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