[ Review ] S.I.C. vol 42 – Kamen Rider Den O Sword form & Momotaros Imagin


The packaging is very simple for a two pack S.I.C. volume release.

My sworn enemies still exsist in this volume.. The TWISTIES!!!

This set is being served on a single tray meaning, aside from the figures, all of its accessories were put together on a single tray.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Den O sword form


Awesome job on the details and paint apps from head to toe, they added some nice carvings on sword form’s chest and a very stunning compound eyes.


Like what I’ve mentioned on my previous review about my S.I.C. Rod and Axe form, the articulation for this S.I.C. release is very nice.

As for its head and necks articulation, both of it are connected on a ball joints ( double ball joints ) so it can do pretty much every movements a normal head can from the typical upward and downward movements and sideways.

The shoulder joints has a great range of movement so does his double jointed elbows.

The biceps can swivel too.

And once again, I took out his chest, shoulder pads and back armor for you guys to see the more detailed body structure of the S.I.C. Den O line.

Double jointed knees, the thighs, ankles and toes can swivel sideways.

As for his bodies articulation, it can do a good ab-crunch but cant bend the body backwards. Waist can turn in  a 360 degree angle but mine is a bit tight.

No complaints here.

For sword form’s holsters, I can’t managed to swivel it but due to the hinges, it can only flap upwards. But I have nothing against it.


Sword form comes with a decent number of accesories, and come to think of it so far most ( but not all ) of the S.I.C. releases that I bought had never dissapointed me interms of the accesory count.

The Den Gasher
– are composed of parts that can be assembled as a sword or if un-assembled, can be placed on his holsters as an accesory.

I added a photo below of the manual / instruction sheet that I took that shows how the den gasher should be properly assemble as a sword and be placed on sword forms holsters when disassembled.

The only problem that you might encounter here is that there are some parts on the den gasher that tends to fall of easily while on sword mode.

Sets of hands were in the usual ball joints were replaced by a peg while the wrist has hinges to add more detail when making a certain pose on sword form/plat form.

The Hands are composed of the ff:
• 1 pair open calm hands
• 1pair closed fist – ( default hands )
• 1 piece thumbs up hand
• 1 piece holding hand – to hold the rider pass
• 1 piece sword holding hand – to hold the sword ( the grooves are much deeper/wider compared to the other holding hand )

The Rider Pass

Turning SWORD FORM to PLAT FORM mode:

( parts are applicable to Sword form, Rod form and Gun form )

Below is another manual / instruction sheet that I took to show how to transform your Sword Form to a Plat form.


The process is really easy and not that time consuming.

*NOTE: Please be advised that when replacing parts please do it with caution since the parts are being supported by a peg. Be very careful.

S.I.C. Momotaros Imagin

See the score above? It’s not a typo error because S.I.C. Momotaros imagin really deserved it since the figure has a supeb detail from head to toe and from front to back.

If you have already seen Momotaros in the Kamen Rider Den O series/movies, momo is already a monster looking character and seems Ando or Takeya were able to pull off an idea to give momo a S.I.C. treatment were a more detailed feature were added to make his character look more epicly mostrous.. and awesome at the same time.

His shoulder pads is a little bit off to his arm articulation but doesn’t affect much to be honest, while the horns on his head and shoulders are very sharp.

The reversed heart shaped buckle is the only diecast in this figure btw.


Pretty much the same as the rest of S.I.C. Den O figures that I have reviewed so far except that momo can’t do a ab-crunch but it can cross its legs, and thats about it.

I’m not going to elaborate much from here.

While I’m checking his head articulation I was surprised to see that momo can open his mouth a bit… very creepy and yet pretty awesome detail indeed.


So Momo comes with:
– 2 interchangeable face
– Coffe Mug and Saucer
– 2 Open hands
– 2 holding-things/gripping hands
– 1 Mug holder hand
– Momotaros sword

Heart shaped details on his hands.. ♥ Nice..

Putting the mug and the saucer on its hands is really easy though the saucer tends to fall of easily but not really a big deal.

Interchangeable face mask : eyes shut down mask ( left ) and drowzy eyes mask ( right )

And of course, I added another shot of the manual that shows how to replace his face mask and as well as some info about his mug holding hands and the mug itself.

Now for momo’s sword, its a fully detailed weapon that is made from plastic. Loved the way the carvings were placed on this weapon, so even momo’s sword got a S.I.C. treatment after all. 🙂

and finally, the “limited” diecasted momotaros sword that came with the figure. Correct me guys if I’m mistaken, this one got added on its 2nd releases a few years ago so it’s pretty much difficult to find this nowadays together with S.I.C. volume 42.

It came with a catalog that shows the S.I.C. line releases / reissues from 2002 to 2008 including the S.I.C. Takumi Damashii line.

as for its detail, its a replica of the original momotaros sword that came with this S.I.C. volume but this is made from pure diecast. The tip is very sharp and heavy for the figure to handle.


Highly recommended for :

• S.I.C. Completeist / Collector

• Kamen Rider Den O toy collector

• Kamen Rider / Tokusatsu fan

• Plain toy collector

Final Words:

If you’re going to buy this set, expect that the price won’t be that cheap  since its been 4 years since it was released, but once you find one in a very good price you should really think about it because this is one of the best S.I.C. releases so far.



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