[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. vol 26 Kamen Rider Zo Doras

Here is my quick review of a not so new Super Imaginaive Chogokin volume 26 Kamen Rider Zo and Doras set.

Packaging :

It’s pretty neat and the box art design is somewhat similar to Kamen Rider Zo’s gold-ish linings on his body while at the back shows some previews and summary about these set.

The very first thing that caught my attention is the background inside the box, its made of cardboard ( just an fyi for those of you guys who don’t know what it’s made off ) and it shows the opened chest of Doras, I think this can be use as a background for a wannabe toy photographer like me. 😛

The set contains 3 trays of plastic where the first layer is for the cover of the set, the second layer is where the figures and some of its accessories are TIGHTLY wrapped up in twisties ( my arch enemy… gotta’ hate those twisties..  ) and the third layer where the rest of the accessories are located.

twisties.. 😡

and more twisties.. darn it! 😡



I like the design ( what’s new eh? ), still the same body mold and structure to some of the earliest S.I.C. releases most especially to S.I.C. Kamen Rider J . Technically, Zo is just a repaint version of J which I will give you guys some more detailed information as we go on to this review.

Gotta’ love those very S.I.C.-ish compound eyes..


Most of  its articulation are supported by ball joints.

Zo’s waist and body has 2 points of articulation so you can bend or “ab-crunch” and at the same time you can also twist his waist in a very limited way due to the design of his waist ( in-circled in red ) somehow hinders the rest of the body to turn further.

The head has a double ball joint were a ball joint connects the head from the neck and another ball joint connects the neck from the body so the articulation for the head is very nice indeed.

As for the knee, thigh and the arm articulations, it’s being supported by a single ball joint.  Therefore, you can only come up with a very limited poses with these. But if you’ll ask me I really don’t mind.

I like every bit of it, these kind of body structure makes S.I.C. line unique from the rest of the Kamen Rider figures that were released, this ain’t just an ordinary toy that you can give to a little kid to play with.

These is one of the earliest generation of body structure of S.I.C. that evolved from a statue liked figure to an articulated one.


As for Zo’s accessories aside from the default close fist hands, it comes with a slight open splayed  and an extra mouth piece…. and thats about it…

now to exchange his default hands and mouth piece with an epic-ly looking one, I took a photo of the manual just to give you guys an idea on how the process goes

( but seriously the manual didn’t help me at all…LOL! ) .

But basically what I did is just I tilted his head upwards then just try to pull and wiggle his chin a bit.

The process of exchanging the mouth piece isn’t really that hard, the peg would come off /on easily.

Now, in case some of you may wonder what the hell I was talking about earlier about Zo is a repaint of J ( or vice versa ), I took a photo of them both for your reference ( and I hope you guys aren’t color blind.. XD ).

Zo’s color scheme was altered from green to dark-ish green and I think the reason behind it is since Kamen Rider J and Kamen Rider Zo’s designs were almost alike,  Takayuki Takeya and Kenji Ando ( sculptors of the S.I.C. line ) had to come up with a better way that will help tell the difference between the two ( just a guess ).


the only thing that isn’t recycled here are the head sculpt/mold and those gems embedded on their waist.

I forgot to mention that their antennas are made from transparent plastic w/c adds a great feature on these figures.

and now let’s move on to..

S.I.C. Doras


This figure  is pretty much the same as the one seen in the Kamen Rider Zo movie except for the color scheme used in these figure w/c is more like a ” lighter ” green and some weathered effects in some parts of this figures body.

I liked the way they weathered most of its body parts including the back of the body.

The buckle and horns on his shoulder pads are made from diecast and the rest are just hard plastics.

( I think ?! )


Same as S.I.C. Zo, I don’t have to elaborate more here.


Compared to Zo, Doras comes with a few numbers of accessories w/c are:

• 1 pair open splayed hands

• Mechanical Arm

• 2 Orbs  – w/c for some reason the other one is made from diecast and the other is from plastic. 😦

• Short Tail

• Long Tail

For  the long tail, you can actually bend atleast half of its tail since it has a wire like object inside of it.

Below are just a few examples of  articulation that you can do with the tail.

Replacing/Putting the tails on Doras is really simple, you just need to insert the peg of the tail on Dora’s butthole and voila!! LOL! XD

As for the two orbs, I’m really hoping that they could have just made the other one diecast instead of plastic, but anyway these is one of Doras gimmicks that I liked about.

You can open the chest easily and put either one of the orbs inside of it.

and the last gimmick that I am very fond of about S.I.C. is that there are some figures that you can actually open/move it’s mouth and Doras is one of them.

The Mechanical Arm. Made of plastic, not Diecast. 😦

Replacing it is a bit hard at first most especially if the figure is brand new or recently bought but sooner or later you’ll get used to it and putting the mechanical arm on will no longer be that difficult.

and the last pieces of Doras accessories are its pair of “slight” open splayed hands w/c has a ball liked detail on its palm. A very cool detail imo.

Overall: 4.5 / 5

Packaging: 4 / 5

Details: 5/5

Articulation: 5/5 – could have been better but what can we expect from a S.I.C. release way back in 2004-2005?

Accessories:  4/5

I highly recommend it for:

• Kamen Rider Zo fans

• Kamen Rider / Tokusatsu fan

• Plain collector and hobbyist

Despite the lack of articulation, these is a must have and a very worth  S.I.C. figure.

But if you don’t dig it, there are still a lot of figures out there.


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