[ Toy Review ] S.I.C. LIMITED Kamen Rider Den O Rod form and Axe form



For the 1st part of my review we will start with S.I.C. Kamen Rider Den O Rod form


One of the reasons why SIC Den O became one of my favorite SIC figures is because of its details, sculpt and on how they were “re-image”  compared to how they originally looked like in the orginal series ( and to think that I wasn’t really a Den O fan to start with ).

I noticed that they added an additional detail beneath Rod forms shoulder pads wich is really cool, and it seems Rod form is the only one who has this kind of detail on his shoulder pads since  I checked with a few of my SIC Den O lines ( Liner Form, Zeronos zero form, Axe ) and none of them has these. Not sure if the rest of the Den O line that I havent gotten yet has this too.


The articulation is pretty good compared to the previous and newest released so far and I really don’t know why Bandai didnt just stick to the exact body structure of these Den O lines because it can do pretty much a lot and these lines did really exceed my expectations.

The head can turn in a 360 degree angle and as you can see on the images below it can turn up and down supported by a ball joint while the neck can also move independently but not much for the armor hinders it from moving but not really a big deal, and the head itself can be tilt sidewards.

Arm Articulation:

Biceps – can swivel

Elbow – double jointed

Shoulder – fully movable

Hands/Wrist – movable, supported by a peg connected to the forearm and a hinge so the wrist can swivel.

Since the Den O line shares the same unique body structure you can also remove the body armor, shoulder pads and the face for you to replace it with the Plat form parts ( I guess ).

But the main reason why I had to take the body armor off is for you guys to see and have an idea on how his body structure looks like and how the articulation works.

With or withought the armor I didnt have any problems with this lines articulation.

The waist can turn in a 360 degrees angle but unfortunately the body cannot be tilted backwards but it can do some abdominal-crunching action.

Leg Articulation:

Knee – double jointed

Thigh – can swivel

Legs – supported by single ball joint

Ankle – single joint, can swivel sidewards

Foot – the tip of the foot has a hinge

The holster for the dengasher is supported by a peg BUT compared to my Zeronos zero form and Liner form it seems Axe and Rod forms dengasher’s holster doesn’t swivel and I didn’t put too much pressure on it for it may break but it has a hinge so you can move it upward or just leave it as it is.

While their thigh has a gimmick w/c is pretty common to all SIC Den O lines where you can open the thigh armor/cover down.


For Rod form’s accesories it comes with of course his weapon the Dengasher in rod mode, an extra dengasher parts if you want to display this figure without the rodmode weapon, a rider pass w/c is unfortunately it doesnt open up and a set of different hands ( 1 pair open splayed hands, 1 pair holding things hands, 1 pair close fist-default hands and 1 thumbs up hand ).

For the dengasher parts you can put all of them together to form a Den Liner like “thing” or axe form’s weapon ( which we will discuss after this ).

It has a hole at the sides of each parts so you can also put them in the holster.

The Dengasher rod form.

The only thing that they forgot to add in this set in my opinion is the dengasher rod mode’s “fishing line” although I have only seen Rod form used it in the series just a few times, maybe its just me but I was hoping that they could have added that one.

Below are his spare hands, you can also use the holding things hands to hold the rider pass and can maintain a sturdy grip on it BUT the real hassle starts when putting the dengasher’s rod mode and his holding hands together. I suggest that you should be very careful putting both together for it may break the dengasher rod mode.  😡

The Rider pass – very well detailed. ’nuff said.


and now let’s move on to…

S.I.C. Kamen Rider Axe Form


With all the Den O riders in the series Axe form is my least favorite because I never dig the design at first but when I was able to hold this figure and check the details on it, somehow my perception over Axe form did change. 

A very nice sculpt and details on the chest and the head part while they didn’t bother to put much effort on his eyes ( in my opinion ), just a plain sculpt but I got no problems with it.

I also liked the style and details they did on Axe form’s shoulder pads. No complaints here.


For the articulation its the same with the rest of SIC Den O lines therefore I won’t going to commen t much about Axe forms articulation, but what makes Axe form different is that it seems there is no way that you can remove his armor and his face, trust me guys, it won’t budge so I didnt put to much stress on it because I don’t want my axe form to end up having a broken face and armor.. 😛

The thighs can swivel.  Nice!


For Axe form’s accesories it also comes with a Dengasher in separate parts but you need to put everything together to form the Axe mode w/c I wish they could have added a seperate built Axe instead because the blade on the axe form tends to fall out easily. It also comes with a rider pass and a set of different hands.

I took a photo of a instructions on how to built the Axe mode just for your reference. You can just check the manual that comes with the set when you buy one. 🙂

The deatil of these weapon is very stunning but again I hope they could have just added a built weapon instead because the blades are kinda loose and the rest of the parts tends to fall off easily.

But I was thinking if I could just glue everything together since I still have some spares from my Rod form, Liner form and I have a strike form and sword form coming in a few months. 🙂

Yeah, maybe I’ll just glue everything together.

Another Rider pass my friends.. Nothing much to see here but the accesory and my freaking palm..LOL XD

As you can see below they added a seperate holding things hand for Axe form to hold the rider pass while the remaining pair are used to hold his weapon, you may be able to determine what hands to use by checking the grooves on the palms.

 Packaging   : 4 / 5  * I hate twisties..
 Details & Sculpt  : 4.5 / 5      
 Articulation  :  5 / 5 *expectations = met!
 Accessories  : 4 / 5      
 OVERALL  : 4.5 / 5      

*I highly recommend these set whether you are a Kamen Rider fan or just a Den o fan.




  1. Just stumbled across this site today and noticed that you had me on your blog roll. Thanks for the add, and I’ll definitely keep my eye open here. You do some good work!

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