Here is my review of S.I.C. Toei Hero Net Limited Version Kamen Rider J  w/c I had last Oct 14, 2011 together with my S.I.C. Limited Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form & Axe Form ( w/c I might make

a review next week. )

This figure cost me around 8, 809 Japanese Yen / 115.45 USD.

You may check the rest of the review below…


I can only come up with 3 words with regards to its packaging, plain and simple.. 🙂

Note: Prior to this review I already took most of the twisties because its already a habit of mine to check the figure first before leaving the place where I bought my figures.


The sculpt is really nice and the details are so… S.I.C.-ish.. 🙂


In my opinion the body’s “architectural ” design is a generation 2 or 3 for the S.I.C. line where the entire parts of his body can now move further and has a great articulation IF we would compare it to the previous S.I.C. figures. And almost the enitre part of his joints are being supported by ball joints

( arms, shoulders, hands and knee ).

The entire arm can turn in 360 degrees but due to its shoulder pads design hinders the entire arm to flap further.

Neck / Head Articulation – pretty much basic were his head can turn up and down, can turn to 360 degress and supported by double ball joints.

Waist articulations – The figure has a very limited articulation due to its body design like on the image below — highlighted in red square shaped, the belt design somehow blocks the entire waist from extending its waist articulation further, the same goes with his back.

Leg articulations – his legs are supported by ball joint ( again ) together with his ankle. And due to the figures body design ( again ) limits the entire legs from doing split poses ( in red square ).

The only spare hand that came with the figure..  Bandai could have added J’s signature ” J finger ” hands.. 😦

Posing Time..! 😀

You can check the rest of the pictures here.



Packaging: 9/10

Details: 10/10 – got problems with that punk?!

Articulation: 8/10 – could have been better but what can we expect from a S.I.C. release way back in 2004-2005?

Final Words:  Its worth it for an old release, pretty much pricey not to mention the number of stuffs it comes with but, if you are a S.I.C. collector, plain toy collector or just a fan of the franchise I highly recommend this figure.



  1. I was surprised to see that he still uses a frame similar to RX and the volume 22 and below frame. I always wondered if the frame for him had been improved since the original mold(ZO) was released in between the Ryuki line. Really informative review btw! Hehe, he’s still going to be in my targets since he is a main rider XD

    1. Thanks for the feedback dude.. 🙂 I am currently waiting for my ZO to arrive so I can make a comparison between the two but I’m 99% sure its still the same as far as waist articulation is concerned because they pretty much share the same body frame unlike Black, Black Rx, Shadowmoon, Amazon and Kuuga though its the same frame but their bodies design doesnt hinder the figure to bend ( ab crunch ) forward and backwards.

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