[ Review ] SH Figuarts Masked Rider Kaixa by Locust



First thing I noticed here was the eyes a bit blue-ish rather than a bit violet ( WTF Bandai?! ) — if you don’t have any idea what Kaixa’s “eyes” looks like in the series please click here.

Articulations: Kaixa’s has a moveable head ( DUH! ) that can turn 360 degrees, shoulder pads are movable too and doesn’t hinder the arms but I find it a bit small though… But its just me.. 🙂

Double jointed arms ( can turn 360 degrees ),  elbow , knees,  and the heel can swivel too. No complains from here.

NOTICE: As you can see below it seems my figure has a poor paint apps on the side of  his abdominal, most likely a quality control issue but I really think its just my figure though..  please double check your figure’s details once you get it .

Accesories: Kaixa comes with a wide range of accessories and below are everything it comes with.

If you like to use the Kaixa Shot you can just remove the hand and exchange it with the Kaixa Shot that is already attached to a default hand that it comes with, as seen on the image above.

As for Kaixa’s Blaygun, I’m very impressed with the details from front and back though the blade itself is too yellow-ish for me…lol XP

Kaixa’s pointer comes in 2 modes, the binocular mode — that doesnt do much but to attach it on Kaixa’s back as you can see below.

While the 2nd mode for Kaixa’s pointer is the “pointer mode” that can swivel upward/downward. Its supported by a peg and you can just attached it to his leg without worrying that it might fall off.

Now lets go back to his blaygun again, as you can see on the images above Kaixa comes with 2 blayguns that is actualy can turn in 3 modes w/c are:

1 – Blade mode ( see images above. )

2 – Holster mode ( this doesn’t turn into a gun or blade mode ) just remove the default holster and put this right in.

3 – Gun mode –  now it comes with a small piece that is use to replace the Blade itself on Kaixa’s blaygun, you can remove the blade by holding the X-mark ( Kaixa’s Logo ) and pull it gently..  again pull it gently.. 😡

( see below )

Kaixa already comes with his phone that is already in ” Gun ” mode.  Bandai could have put more details to it but its not really a big deal for me. ( I’m just sayin’ )

Below is the comparison photo between Kaixa’s blaygun in holster mode ( left ) and in gun mode ( right ). — I just thought to take a photo of it for your reference/s..

Well as for Kaixa’s drivers ( the buckle ), nothing is really special about these but still I’m happy Bandai managed to add these stuffs in this figure. You can just pull it out and change it to whatever mode you want to.

Exceed Charge.. ” lol 😀



Packaging: 9/10 – Nothings special about the box, its just a darker version of the previous SH Figuarts boxes.


Accesories: 8/10


Details: 7/10 – The eyes a bit blue-ish ( not TV/Series accurate ) + the failed paint aps on its abdominal part.


Articulations: 9/10 – A typical SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Faiz series line.
Note:  If you’ll buy this or any kinds of figures in stores better make sure to check the figure first for possible defects.

XOXO Locust


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