[ Review ] SIC Kamen Rider Fang Joker by Locust

Here is the 2nd review of SIC Vol 59 for Kamen Rider Fang Joker, if you have not seen/read my review on Skull you may check here ..


The only thing that I would like to talk about is the head’s seamline because it seems SIC Kamen Rider W lines are suffering from this kind of issue. Well to tell you the seamline for Fang Joker isn’t really obvious because the head sculpt helps the seamline to blend in unless if you are going to take a closer look on the top center of its head then its visible..lol 😛


For FangJokers articulation its pretty much the same with Skull’s were the head/neck can turn 360 degress.. can look downward but letting the head look upward is a bit difficult.. FAIL!

NOTE:   One of the worst part that I’ve seen in this volume… are the LEGS! for SOME reason the leg design and the “side skirts” somehow hinders the figure from providing a good stance when posing plus the legs are too skinny for me … ANOTHER FAILURE!  ( see below )

The shoulder pads are movable with double jointed arms and elbows w/c can turn in a certain angle. While the legs parts are double jointed knees, I forgot to mention that you can try to pull the “side skirts” out GENTLY for the legs can move a bit.


Same with Skull, Fang Joker comes with a lot of accessories. The only diecast parts here are the 4 sabers ( Shoulder, Arms, Heel and a detached Saber. )

These are the parts that I got really curious because you can replace FJ’s head with this plus it comes with an extra antenna for W so I was thinking if it would be possible to combine W’s parts with this..? ( ie Fang Metal, Fang Trigger and the likes… )

tip:  if the seamline issue is really ticking you off you can replace it with this head..  but the only issue here now is the mouth piece on Fang’s part isn’t properly aligned with the Joker part.

Moving on, one of the epic accessories it comes with is the Denden Sensor ( The Snail like gadget in the series. ) so the “Shell” can be folded to turn it into a vision goggles to detect invisible beings in the series, You can insert the denden memory in its “mouth” slot below the head. ( see below.. )

For Fang Joker of course comes with the Fang Memory in “live-mode” w/c doesn’t have any articulated nor movable parts.. aw 😦 and Memory mode w/c the Horns and the Gaia Memory can be move independently.. pretty awesome eh?

The saber as we all know in the series has 2 usage w/c is either a boomerang or a blade/saber, once placed on FJ’s hand it doesnt fall off easily, I even took a photo of it holding the saber upside down for your reference.. 🙂

NOTICE:  On my 1st attempt to change the hands the entire peg came off without putting much effort on it and occurs for both hands. 😡 So to change the hands with the entire peg taken out, I need to remove it from the peg then replace it with a different hand and put everything back to his arm.. its a big hassle and I don’t know if I’m the only one have this problem. — this stuff only happens for this figure only, Skull doesn’t have this issue.

The double drivers can be move independently and you can put the gaia memories at no problem at all, but for the fang joker memory it tends to fall off easily but not really an issue for me..

The last part for this review is replacing the pads with the Shoulder Saber, just pull the upper chest gently and remove the shoulder pads which is reeeeeally easy, I didn’t had a hard time replacing this part at all .. 🙂

Some action pose/s I can make out of this figure as of now..  >.<

Accesories: 8/10not bad for the accessories though they could have add some movable parts on the Fang memory in live mode.. ( but its just me.. )
Details: 7/10The seamline is still there, the additional head parts it came with isnt good enough for the mouth piece on those parts still has issues for me..
Articulations: 6/10I find the legs too skinny + The leg design hinders the figure from unleashing some epic poses.
*note: When you buy this figure I suggest to check the instruction manual that comes with it to learn more stuffs about this figure.
If you want to check SIC Kamen Rider Skull’s review, you can click here.
XOXO Locust


  1. Seamlines don’t bother probably due to the fact that a number of figures I got have uglier seamlines than this but the skinny legs do give FJ an ugly overall look on proportions. I guess I have to see for myself once I get this weekend and actually open it when I shoot mine.

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