[ Review ] SIC Kamen Rider Skull review by Locust

Here is my take on SIC Vol 59 – Kamen Rider Skull, will post a review for Fang Joker soon…


For the box, the style and detail are very simple and yet the texture is very smooth..

( Side of The Box )

Bandai really put a lot of effort on the packaging which is a plus for me, they even manage to put some embossed lines on the side of the box.. really nice..

Look no Twisties!!! 🙂 — This is my first SIC figure that didn’t came with twisties  wrapped around its body and accessories.. 🙂


If you’ll notice that there are carvings on the left shoulder while the right side doesn’t, and the ” Infamous ” head seamline still exist but I THINK this is much better than the seamline from what SIC Vol 57 and 58 had because the sculpt on skulls head helps the seamline to blend in a bit especially if you’ll put his hat..lol


The shoulder, arms and knees are double jointed while surprisingly the shoulder pads doesn’t hinder the arms from doing different kinds of poses.

The head can turn 360 degrees including the neck.. yes the neck can turn 360 degrees too Ladies and Gentlemen..

It can do a little ab-crunch and can be bend backwards, the chest can do a full 360 degree turn as well.

Skull has a ball joint hands with hinges w/c is something new to me.. 🙂


SIC vol 59 comes with a massive ( I’m exagerating..lol ) number of accessories which was worth every peny that I spent for this SIC volume.

Though at first I was really wondering why they added 2 Joker memories on this set but I THINK that the 1st Joker memory is for Skull’s attache case while the other is for Fangjokers Double Driver…

Skull comes with 4 sets of hands ( but upon checking you can also use “some” hands of FangJoker.. ). The memories where you can put inside the attache case where you’ll find a double driver…. wait a double driver?? hell yeah!! —  You can remove the double driver from the case BUT sadly it doesn’t do much, but still happy Bandai where able to add it up on this set.

And Skull wouldn’t be completed without his trusty Skull Magnum w/c can be turn into 2 modes: 1. Skull Magnum ( Default mode ) 2. Skull Magnum Maximum Drive Mode. 

It also comes with a extra chest part where the silver linings on his chest can be opened ( thanks to the hinges on its sides ) to unleash his..  err… other maximum drive…

Replacing the head on isn’t that much of a pain in the ass.. 🙂  Trust me..

 Now since replacing Kamen Rider Skulls head with the Crystal Head eerrr… Skull the seamline are now veeeeery visible.. even placing the hat on doesn’t help at all.. Nasty eh? 😦

Trying to put everything together – the scarf are supported by a hinge and a peg that helps to add more detail and posability function to Skull.

The only effect part that comes with the set, detail wise its… awesome! ‘Nough said

Replacing the chest is very easy, just try to pull out the upper chest gently
( see pictures below ).
Inserting the gaia memory on Skulls drivers is not a problem because it fits accordingly, though I had a slight difficulty on pulling it out from the drivers. 🙂
Same goes if you’ll put the gaia memory in skull magnum, it has a not so small slot were you can put the memories in and upon closing it you’ll still be able to see the memory  inserted inside the skull magnum on the sides.. pretty neat eh?
The hat, one of Skulls trademarks..  about this thing, if you don’t apply a liiiiiitle pressure when you try to put the hat on tendency it will fall off easily and I think it has the same “Hat” issues on its SH Figuarts counterpart if I’m not mistaken.

” Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero! “
Packaging: 10/10 – no more twisties!! Bandai really made an effort on how the box should be like..
Accesories: 9/10 – a sure win plus the additional effect part included on this volume, though they should have made the double drivers driver ( redundancy..? lol ) moveable..
Details: 7/10 – Everything else is so wicked! except for the seamline on the head.. my point is it shouldn’t have a very visible seamline..
Articulations: 8/10
Final Judgement: I would recommend SIC Skull as a great addition to your SIC or Kamen Rider figure collections but better check my review for Fangjoker first for “it just might” change your hopes on getting this set because of Fangjoker which I’ll make a review soon…
*note: When you buy this figure I suggest to check the instruction manual that comes with it to learn more stuffs about this figure.
XOXO Locust

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