[ Review ] SIC Kamen Rider V3 and Riderman by Locust

Original Released date: June 2007 / Price: ( approx ) 6, 090 Yen

The box and packaging is really nice, though I really had a lot of time taking everything out since the twisties are all over it.. damn you twisties.. 😦

Loving the design and sculpt of this fig, something to expect from a SIC Figure, and if you may wonder the only diecast parts on its body is just the buckle of the belt.

Most of its body parts are being supported by a ball joint that enables the figure to make some poses.

It can bend a bit but not much, and I am not surprise ‘coz this is the 2nd generation of SIC body frame, originally the first generations where just a plain statues with very minimal articulation. ( Do search it on the web if you want. )

The head can be move upwards and turn in a 360 degree angle.

The additional feature of this fig is that you can actually pull down its mouth piece or lower part of its mask to see his mouth and if you tilt him down a bit almost half of his face is very visible… freaky and yet cool..


Its all about the details baby.. 🙂

As you can see the buckle doesn’t look like the one on the series but its not really a big deal for me ‘coz this is a SIC figure after all.

Articulation: ( Pretty much the same with V3 )

The only thing that makes this one different from V3’s articulation is the body and waist can only be bend backwards for some reason.

and the right arm can turn in a 360 degree angle.

Jackpot! The fig comes with a wide range of accessories/weapons ( most of it are diecast..yeah! ♥ ) than can replace Ridermans right arm.

Comes with a shotgun and a holster.

This is the weird part, I haven’t seen the show yet and have noooooo idea what this freaky hand is supposed to..  Gruesome.. XP

This parts below can be interchange vice versa depending on what weapons you feel like using for Riderman.

It comes with this accessory that enables you to attached most of Riderman’s weapons for V3’s usage.

Below are some of the possible combinations that you can do with it.


Overall ( For Both Figures ):

Box / Packaging: 8/10Damn those twisties 😦

Articulation: 9/10Hey its a 2007 figure, if I can remember the articulated Kamen Rider toy that we can get from that time was a Souchaku Henshin which the head and the body is not well proportioned btw.. 🙂

Details: 10/10Something to expect from a Classic SIC Release.

Accesories: 10/10*no comment here, its pretty obvious from the pictures right?

*If you are a fan of the SIC line or a Kamen Rider fanatic then this is a must have figure but if you prefer something more articulated then you’ll just have to wait to get a SH Figuarts version of these two, I am having fun with mine and hope you experience the same way too.

I will upload more photos for your viewing.. Thanks!

-XOXO Locust



  1. Nice review! I still need that Riderman to complete my 7 Riders >_< DO wish they included the mouth mask shown in Hero Saga with the pack though XD And I wonder how epic it would be if you switched Vol. 9's Returns head with that V3

    1. whoaaaa what a coincidence, I was also about to ask you if its possible to replace vol 18 V3’s head with vol 9 ‘coz it seems the head sculpt of vol 9 is way better looking….. 🙂

      Thanks btw for liking my review..

      1. Vol. 9’s other head has the “The Next” feel with it I guess XD If I manage to get my hands on this Volume before you get Vol.9, I’ll let you know if it can be swapped XD But I think it should be possible XD

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