[ Review/Preview ] SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki & Dragreder by Locust

Here is the review/preview of my recent haul, all photos was taken by me.. of course!

The Box / Packaging:

the packaging of this figure is really simple and yet nice, as you can see in the picture below Ryuki really comes with a lot of accessories and stuffs.

and yes it comes with a stage act 4. 🙂

Front and Rear View:

Side View:

Every detail on this fig is very accurate and impressive. The body frame is  somewhat similar to SH Figuarts Kuuga, Agito, Black and Black RX only this fig feels a bit rubber-ish. The only thing I checked first was if Ryuki has a diecast parts… and yes he comes with a diecast shin and feet, the body/chest is I’m not sure because it feels a bit diecast and/or just plain hard plastic..

^ the Card Deck can also be removed but sadly the Advent cards cant fit inside the Deck.


Like what I have stated earlier, the body frame is similar to Kuuga and Agito so you’ll know what to expect from Ryuki’s articulations.

The body, head, lower and uper arms can turn 360 degress with no problem at all.. 🙂

Accesories: If you are wondering where are his Advent Cards, please do check the manual inside the box, its inside the plastic manual cover thing-y.. 🙂

The Advent card it comes with:  Sword Vent, Strike Vent, Attack Vent, Guard Vent and Final Vent only. ( Are you expecting for the Survive Card? don’t let your hopes get to high.. lol )

Ryuki comes with 1 card holding hands and 3 sets of thing-holding hands, its easy to determine to where the accessory/weapon should go to just by simply checking the position of its thumbs and the size of the embeded part of the holding hands.

Note:  The cards doesn’t fit well with his card holding hands, tends to fall off so easily.. 😦. But you can put the cards in the Drag Visor. 🙂


to start with Dragreder, sadly it doesn’t comes with any diecast parts.. but the detail and its articulations make up for it.

Articulation and details:

Putting the Sword Vent On:

Ryuki’s sword vent is attached but can be removed from Dragreders tail, I just wished that the peg connecting the sword from the tail has a ball joint to add more detail and articulation when trying to pose Dragreder.

and still even the sword is well detailed from front to back..  kudos to Bandai ( for not making this figure an exclusive release…lol )

Putting the Shield Vent On:

Dragreder’s errr…. Arms and Legs ( or vice versa ) can be removed and use for Ryuki’s Guard Vent. The arms, legs and claws/paws has an excellent articulation too.

The back of the Guard Vents.  —  the peg that you can see below is used to connect it to Ryukis upper Arm.

^ as you can see it is also being supported by a ball joint so it wont hinder much on Ryukis posability when the Guard Vent is attached to his arms. Nice!

The port like thing-y on Ryukis upper and lower arm can also be remove so you can attach the Drag Visor ( on the lower arm ) and the Guard Vent.

Putting the Drag Visor On:

So before putting the Drag Visor on, you need to replace the hands ( of course ), Ryuki’s comes with 2 pair of hands ( relaxed open splayed hands and Close Fist hands ) that is very compatible for the Drag Visor.

Another good thing about Ryuki is on how Bandai made the peg of the hands a bit thicker than the previous releases, that way you wont have any worries that the peg may break easily if you keep replacing the hands…

So when you put the visor and the shield together, this is how epicly effin sick it looks like..

With the help of the ball joint that connects the shield from the upper arm the figure can now come up with different styles in posing.

I notice two unidentified stuffs located on Ryuki’s feet, at first I didn’t know what it was for but upon checking in the manual its for Guard Vent mode but this time, Ryuki can hold the two Guard Vents on his hands using that “stuff” ( coz i don’t know what its called. lol ). You can remove the peg with a ball joint to replace it with this holding thing-ies.

Pretty cool eh?


The Strike Vent: this accessory is the smaller version of  Dragreders Head and for you to use this, you’ll have to remove the hands of Ryuki .

NOTICE: replacing the hands of Ryuki with this accessory is a pain in the ass, be very careful and cautious for you might end up having a Strike Vent with no whiskers ( You know what Im sayin?? ). But I was able to come up with a “solution” that will lessen the hassle of attaching this from Ryukis arm…. but still be careful.. its better to be safe you dig?

First, I removed the head from its… err.. neck? then I simply put the neck first on the arm.

Second, I attached the head from the peg on his hands prior to attaching the head from its neck.

( steps on the image below: from left to right – lower left to lower right )

Before I bought this figure I was really thinking if I’m gonna buy an extra new Stage Act 4 for this figure but upon checking the stuffs it comes with I felt its ok not to purchase the extra Stage Act 4 anymore.

and when everything is put together this is how it looks like. Sugoi!

So overall,


– Articulation : 10/10

– Details: 10/10

– Accesories: 9/10 ( onoreeee strike ventoooh )


– Articulation: 9/10 ( hoping the whiskers can move..lol )

– Detail: 10/10

Final Verdict: A must have whether you are a S.H. Figuarts Fan, Kamen Rider Fan or just a Plain Toy collector. So worth it!

NOTE: Putting the Dragender on this stage act is a pain in the ass too, so this is the BEST shot I can give you guys with before we end this review. Will definitely post new photos for my Gallery here real soon. ( Excuses excuses but in reality I’m just dead tired.. 😛 )

Thanks for viewing!


– Locust


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