2012 Super Sentai Finally Revealed



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The registry for the copyrights for the 2012’s sentai team was made on 22nd of August 2011. The name given was GENKI SENTAI BARUGANGER.
According to several discussions that I’ve seen, they’ve debated on the meaning and on what would the actual motive be?
According to a fellow tokufan, the word “Genki” itself can have a lot of meaning. Depending how it’s written.  Hibiki might even have an oni named Genki in it for all we know! the most common usage of the word would be “元気”, which to be put simply, means “healthy”. “元気” can be used in a variety of ways, most notably being the greeting “お元気ですか (Ogenki desu ka)” meaning “how are you?” or “how do you do?”. regardless of how “元気” is used, it always has something to do with health.
Based on searches he made on the word “BARUGAN”,  google searches of “barugan” leads to the full name of the chemical is Valganciclovir, an antiviral drug. coupled with the name “Genki” up front, it’s no doubt that we’ll be having a medical-themed sentai next year, should the rumor proved to be true that is. if that’s the case, the monsters’ll be most likely some kinda virus.(well, that’s only the depiction made by him). ^_^

Another source also listed down that “Genki” can also be translated as:

  • noun: energy, vitality, spirit, vigor, pep, courage, vim, stamina
  • adjective: healthy, robust
As posted on 2chan, some fans had depicted that the name(in terms of Katakana and Kanji) had a similarity to an Eldran mecha anime Series, “Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbarugar” or in English, Energetic Explosion Ganbaruger.
So, here we can clearly see that the “GENKI” in the main title itself means “ENERGETIC”(equals to Robust, Vigor, Stamina and such). There’s a high chance that our sentai theme might have flashy talks over Willpowers or inner Energy and all those mumbo-jumbo about it.
So, far these are just fan depictions made by fellow fans. Just take this as a grain of salt.
Source: Gideon Brugo

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