From my Perspective: Action Figure Photography

Just wanted to share my 2 cents when it comes to that hobby, imagine for just 1 figure its taking me 2 to 4 hours to finish since I have to take a shot from different angles on different poses that I would want to have from my figure ’till it satisfies my hunger from taking shots of it.

It’s the kind of hobby that eats a lot and I really mean a lot of time since once I took a photo and upon checking, it looks good but later on I will realized that the photo sucks. 😡 Just like today I took a few shots from my S.H. Figuarts Shadowmoon ( you can check the photos on my previous post ). I started taking photos around 3:00 am and stopped at around 7:30 am. A total of 40 photos were taken since I didn’t save some of the shots because either the light is too bright or simply I didn’t like how the shot turned out. Then out of 40 photos only 16 were chosen.. Yes! only 16! IT’S CRAZY!

But after all the “hardships” of taking photos of my action figures to be honest, its really worth it once I’m done and the results satisfies me and the people I share my pictures with especially whenever I get some good feedbacks ( but I’m open for negative feedbacks ) about the photos I took.

And thats the reason why I love this hobby and I will keep on doing this ’till it kills me.

– Ram aka Løcust


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